Are you looking for a comprehensive and unbiased review of the popular SEO and digital marketing tool, Semrush?

Look no further! 

Over the last few years, I have used Semrush to help keep track of my website analytics and grow my organic traffic through its SEO tool set.

In this in-depth Semrush review, I’ll delve into the features, benefits, and drawbacks of Semrush to help you make an informed decision on whether it's the right tool for your business. 

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Whether you're a seasoned SEO professional or starting out, my review will give you the insights you need to make the most of this powerful tool. So, let's get started and explore everything Semrush has to offer!

Disclosure: This content may contain a few affiliate links, which means if you click on them, I will get a commission (without any extra cost to you).

What is Semrush?

Semrush is an all-in-one SEO platform that gives users an in-depth analysis of their website, and how to better search engine optimization for better online visibility and organic traffic growth.

It’s able to provide competitor analysis, keyword research, organic traffic analysis, backlink insight, SEO auditing, and even social media analytics.

With Semrush, companies can easily track their progress and make informed decisions to improve their online presence and drive more traffic to their website. 

Semrush Pros

  • Offers a free full trial, as well as a limited free version, for first-time users.
  • Industry-leading SEO API.
  • Straightforward pricing tiers.
  • Local SEO – Provides you with a platform that is able to offer keywords that help boost your local SEO, as well as offers insights to your competitors in that area.
  • Social Media Toolkit – This tool provides insights into your social media performance
  • PageImprove – Allows you to improve on-page SEO from the Chrome browser.
  • Integrates with Google Analytics
  • Keyword Gap Tool allows you to identify keywords where your competitors are performing better or worse than you.

Semrush Cons

  • Some features of the platform can be harder to navigate, use, and understand.
  • Higher learning curve than other platforms such as Ahrefs and Similarweb
  • There isn’t any 24-hour customer support. Instead, customer support is available during business hours on weekdays only. If customer support isn’t available, you have the option to email support, but they’ll most likely reach out during business hours anyway.

Who is Semrush For?

  • Bloggers and influencers
  • Businesses of all sizes, looking to grow their online presence.
  • Marketing agencies

Key Features of Semrush

Now that we have an idea of what Semrush is, and what it’s used for, let’s hop into a more detailed review of all the critical features of Semrush.

Keyword Research

Semrush has the largest keyword database in the world, with over 20 billion keywords.

It has plenty of tools to help with keyword research, including:

Keyword Overview

Here, you can get a detailed report for any keyword, including metrics like volume, SERP results, SERP features, volume trends, etc. 

The Global Volume metric provided by Semrush shows you a keyword's search volume across all countries.

semrush keyword overview

This helps you decide whether to compete for a particular keyword or not.

You will also find related keywords, keyword variations, and questions that people ask about a particular keyword.

keyword overview semrush dashboard

Keyword Magic Tool

The next and most important keyword research tool by Semrush is the Keyword Magic Tool. 

It helps to find keywords that are relevant to the keyword you entered. This way you can find more topics and keywords related to your niche, possibly targeting some with lower keyword difficulty or volume.

keyword magic tool semrush

One unique feature of Semrush is topic clustering. 

It shows you a cluster of keywords on the left sidebar, and you can click on any of them to dig deeper into related keywords.

semrush keyword magic tool clustering

To find keywords for ads, you can look at broad matches, exact match, and phrase match. However, for SEO purposes, you can simply look at the list of related keywords.

It is a good strategy to focus on long-tail keywords, as they are usually more effective when it comes to search engine optimization.

You can also build keyword lists from here by selecting the shortlisted keywords and adding them to a custom list. If you already have a list, you can simply use the + button to add a keyword to it.

keyword magic tool semrush

Keyword Manager

The next dashboard under the “Keyword Research” tab of Semrush's SEO toolkit is the Keyword Manager. This is where you can create custom keyword lists.

keyword manager semrush

Keyword Difficulty Tool

Another powerful SEO tool that Semrush provides is the Keyword Difficulty Tool.

This is the SEO tool that you need to use when making the final decision when selecting keywords.

And, this dashboard focuses more on the difficulty or competitiveness of keywords, thus informing you if a keyword is worth investing in or not.

semrush keyword diffuculty tool

Organic Traffic Insights

There’s also been a new addition to Semrush's SEO toolkit: Organic Traffic Insights.

semrush organic traffic

This SEO tool combines Semrush’s data with your Google Analytics and Google Search Console data.

This means that you can consolidate all your organic traffic insights and analyze them from a single dashboard.

Keyword Gap Tool 

This is, in my opinion, the most useful feature of Semrush. 

You can look at tons of competitive intelligence data in silos and still not be able to extract the right insights from it. 

The best way to do competitive analysis is to compare and contrast data for different competitors side by side.

This is exactly what Semrush offers. 

With Semrush, you can compare up to five domains side by side. You can also compare subdomains, subfolders, and URLs.

semrush keyword gap tool

Image via Semrush

You can do this in three easy steps.

  • Enter the domains of up to four competitors and your own domain in the boxes shown above to get the domain overview. Remember that you have to add your own domain in the first (root domain) box).
  • Select the type of keywords that you want to analyze—organic, paid, and PLA.
  • Click on “Compare.”

This will show you a detailed analytics dashboard comparing your domain with others.

The first thing that you'll see is a list of missing keyword opportunities. 

These are the keywords with high search volume that your competitors are using, but you are not.

Next, you will see weak keyword opportunities, i.e., keywords for which you rank lower than your competitors.

semrush keyword overlap graph
Semrush Keyword Overlap graph

Image via Semrush

You will also see a Venn diagram showing how many keywords overlap between the different domains added for comparison.

This entire section aims to show you keyword opportunities that you can tap into.

Next, you will see a detailed list of keywords, along with each domain's rank for each keyword, and keyword performance metrics as shown in the image below.

semrush keyword gap tool results
Image via Semrush

Overall, this feature lets you find keyword opportunities and improvement areas based on a comparison with your competitors.

Don’t forget to claim your 14-day free Semrush pro trial!

Keyword Grouping and Management 

Running paid campaigns requires more than just finding keywords. 

You also need to clean your keyword lists and group keywords for your ad groups.

But, how do you do that?

Semrush has a specific tool designed just for this purpose—PPC Keyword Tool. It performs three main tasks:

  • Collect Keywords – You can import keywords from your lists or search for new keywords for your paid campaigns.
  • Manage and Optimize – It has advanced filters to clean your list and filter out irrelevant keywords. It also has options to organize and group keywords for your ads.
    • You can choose the auto-grouping option, where there is only one keyword per group.
    • It also has the option to optimize for negative keywords.
  • Remove Conflicting Keywords – It also helps you remove conflicting keywords so that no keyword is repeated in your ad groups.
semrush ppc keyword tool

On-Page and Technical SEO 

Semrush has a range of on-page and technical SEO tools. Some of these tools include:

Let’s take a deeper look into these tools.

Site Audit

The best SEO tool in the category of on-page SEO checker is the Site Audit.

Semrush can crawl your website's pages just like a search engine would and identifies problem areas.

semrush configure crawler settings

As evident from the screenshot, Semrush provides a thorough site audit report showing the overall health of your website and identifying problem areas.

semrush site audit dashboard

One specific report that I use a lot is the Markup report

This gives you an overview of your markup use and implementation errors that you need to resolve.

semrush markup score

Using the markup score and the metrics for each page crawled on your site, you can find problem pages and correct the errors found on those pages, to better your site health.

semrush markup score metrics

If you are an agency tracking multiple client websites, then this tool is a must-have for you.

SEO Content Template

The next feature is the SEO Content Template.

You can use this to optimize your website content to get higher SERP rankings and more organic traffic.

To use it, you must:

  • Enter the target keywords that you want to incorporate into your website content.
  • Semrush will analyze the content in the top-ten pages that rank for that keyword.
    • If you want suggestions at a country or city level, then it can do that as well.
  • It provides you with suggestions on how to create SEO-friendly content for those keywords.

Now, coming to the kind of recommendations it provides, here's a sample.

semrush key recommendations
Image via Semrush

On-Page SEO Checker

Semrush's On-Page SEO Checker is a useful tool that provides you with various ideas for improving your on-page SEO. 

You can get semantically-related keywords to add to your pages, ideas to improve the content length and readability, backlink prospects, and more.

semrush on-page seo checker dashboard

This tool compares your website to your top ten rivals for each of your target keywords. It then provides you with useful insights on:

  • Which SERP features to target
  • How to create a user-friendly workflow
  • Your performance as compared with your competitors
  • Which tasks to prioritize first for maximum impact

Local SEO

Listing management is a brilliant local SEO tool that you can use to get business listings on the most authoritative directories in your region.

You can edit all of your business information, for all directories, from a single dashboard. 

This makes it easy to ensure that you have the correct information in all your listings.

semrush listing management local seo

You will also get a Local Rankings report, where you can find your rankings in Google Local Finder. You can also get your local rankings in a heatmap format, making it easy to analyze.

Review Management is another useful tool that allows you to respond to your Google My Business and Facebook reviews directly from the tool.

Link Building

Link building, apart from keyword research, is one of the most important techniques I use to better my SEO.

I have a blog and need to regularly keep a check on my backlinks profile, and Semrushl provides me with everything that I need, including:

Backlink Analytics

Semrush's Backlink Analytics can be used to analyze all the backlinks of your or a competitor's website.

It provides data on your website's authority score, the total number of backlinks, types, and quality of referring domains, and a lot more.

Here's an example of my website's backlink analytics.

semrush backlink dashboard

This is just an overview, and there are numerous tabs and reports that you can explore. This has all the essential features that specialized backlink analysis tools have.

You can add up to four competitor domains and have a side-by-side comparison of your backlink profile against theirs.

Backlink Audit Tool

Another useful tool that Semrush provides is the Backlink Audit tool

This is a more functional tool than backlink analytics, as it focuses on identifying the toxicity of your backlinks and improving it.

semrush backlink audit toxicity score

Semrush also has many toxic markers for each link, thus providing an in-depth analysis of the toxicity of each backlink. This helps you avoid getting Google penalties for toxic backlinks.

Link Building Tool

Semrush doesn't just analyze your backlinks, but also helps you build new ones through its Link Building tool.

It basically identifies the most relevant prospects for you to gain backlinks from. You can go through the list of prospects and do some outreach to get backlinks from them.

semrush domain prospects

Backlink Gap Tool

You can also use the Backlink Gap tool to compare multiple domains and find backlink opportunities.

semrush backlink gap tool

This compares your website to your competitors and finds prospects for gaining new backlinks.

If you want to analyze numerous domains at once, then you can use the Bulk Analysis feature. You can add up to 200 domains and get their backlinks overview in one dashboard.

Rank Tracking

Now that I have covered on-page, off-page (backlinks), and technical SEO tools, let's discuss the tool that shows the results of your efforts—Position Tracking and Organic Research

Position Tracking

You can find this on your Semrush SEO toolkit's Rank Tracking tab.

When you open the Position Tracking tool, you will see a list of all your projects. You can click on any one of them to see the detailed report.

This analyzes your website's ranking changes for all your target keywords. You can find out the number of keywords for which your website is ranking well and vice-versa.

You can also find out your top keywords, competitors, pages, and SERP features.

semrush position tracking ranking distribution

The rank tracking dashboard has some more unique reports that I would like to inform you about in this review. 

Semrush provides a Share of Voice (SoV) metric that tells you the share of the market that you hold for a particular keyword.

You also get a Cannibalization report where you can see your own pages that are competing against each other and can be merged to get better rankings.

cannibalization report semrush

Organic Research

The next feature is Organic Research, which uses a proprietary algorithm to rank the domains that get the highest organic search traffic. 

Semrush has a huge database of over 825 million domains that you can analyze.

semrush organic research

The best way to use this feature is to compare your website with those of your competitors.

It can also be used for prospecting, as you can find out which websites get the highest paid traffic and have the most paid keywords.

semrush top organic keywords

Overall, it is a good competitor analysis tool that you should explore.

Semrush Sensor is a feature that tracks Google SERPs volatility based on day-to-day changes in rankings. 

You can use it to stay updated on algorithm changes by Google and make the required changes in your SEO strategy from time to time.

semrush serp volatility graph

You can also find out if your industry or niche is more volatile than others and how volatile your target keyword rankings are.


Semrush has plenty of built-in advertising tools to increase your ad campaign's effectiveness.

Some of the tools I use most are:

  • Advertising Domain Overview
  • Advertising Research
  • Display Advertising
  • PLA Research 

Domain Overview

One of the most basic tools for market analysis is Domain Overview, which you can use to find out all essential information about a competitor. 

You can get a complete overview of a website's advertising performance, target audience, and more.

You can compare up to five domains side-by-side and perform a thorough competitive analysis using this tool.

semrush domain overview
Image via Semrush

Advertising Research

Advertising Research can help you research the advertising strategies of your competitors to improve your own strategy.

You simply have to enter your competitor's domain and Semrush will provide you with all the details about their advertising campaigns and strategy. 

You can find their paid search rankings, ad history, paid pages, and a lot more.

One of the most important, however, is the section on ad copy. This is where you can look at their winning creatives and get inspiration for your own campaigns.

semrush ad copies market research
Image via Semrush

Display Advertising

Semrush offers another competitive research feature under the tab Display Advertising. 

There, you can find all the display ads within your industry or for specific competitors. 

This can be used to get inspiration for your own ad campaigns, as you can see the top-performing ad's images and copy.

It is fairly easy to use. All you have to do is type in a domain, and it will give you a complete list of ads that it is currently running.

semrush display advertising page
Image via Semrush

PLA Research

If you have an ecommerce business, then this next feature, PLA Research, is just for you. 

You can use this to find product listing ads for specific keywords and find out who your competitors are for those keywords.

The level of information that this tool provides is unmatched. You can even see how many search queries trigger a competitor's product listing ads.

semrush pla research

Ad Builder

You can use the Ad Builder tool to design both text and display ads. Here are some features of the ad builder tool:

  • It warns you when you exceed character limits for titles or descriptions.
  • You can use your competitors' winning ads as a template for your own.
  • It generates an automatic tracking code for each ad that you create.
  • You can preview your ad and then export it as a .CSV file for text ads and .ZIP file for GDN ads.
semrush ad builder

Social Performance Analysis and Benchmarking

The Social Media Tracker tool by Semrush provides you an overview of the performance of your social media profiles. 

You can track and manage your accounts on different platforms from one interface.

You also get key analytics data like follower growth, engagement rates, number of posts, etc.

semrush social media analytics overview
Image via Semrush

You can also use this tool to track the performance of your competitors on social media. Moreover, you can do a side-by-side comparison with them as well.

Content Scheduling and Posting

Semrush's Social Media Poster allows you to upload your posts on Semrush and schedule them to be posted at designated dates and times. 

The tool will then automatically post according to your schedule.

You can also set a recurring schedule and bulk upload posts so that you don't have to manually take care of posting your social media content.

This tool also suggests the best times to post your content and allows you to add UTM codes for better tracking.

semrush content scheduling
Image via Semrush

You can also create an editorial calendar within the Semrush interface. If you prefer the Excel-based calendar format, then simply import posts from your CSV file.

Trends Identification

The Social Media Poster tool also has an analytics section where you can get insights on your content's performance.

You can identify trends on which content works for your audience and which doesn't. You can also track your audience's demographics and growth over time.

semrush .trends graphs

Image via Semrush

Facebook Post Booster

The versatile Social Media Poster tool also provides a special feature to boost your Facebook posts. 

You can basically pay money to enhance the reach of your Facebook posts and target them to a relevant audience.

It also provides detailed statistics on your boosted posts' performance.

semrush facebook post booster
Image via Semrush

Social Media Ads Creation

This is a new feature that Semrush launched and is currently being beta tested. This allows you to create and manage ads for Facebook and Instagram.

It provides several useful features that streamline and optimize your ad creation process.

semrush social media campaign tracking
Image via Semrush

Topic Research

The first content marketing tool in Semrush's arsenal is Topic Research. 

This is a powerful tool with extensive features to help you find the best topic ideas for your content.

This is my personal favorite tool that I use to research and plan the content for my blog.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It is extremely simple to use. All you need to do is enter a topic or keyword, and it will give you numerous content ideas around that topic.
  • You will also get a detailed list of all the sub-topics related to your main topic or keyword.
  • Moreover, it gives you suggestions on the best titles for your content, along with metrics to decide which one works better.

It also gives you a detailed list of “how,” “what,” “why,” and other questions that people ask about that topic.

This essentially serves your target audience's needs and challenges on a platter.

semrush content ideas

Content Optimization

Semrush also has a few tools that help you optimize your content on the fly to stay on top of your SEO game.

SEO Writing Assistant

Not many people know about this, but Semrush also has an SEO Writing Assistant

This SEO Writing Assistant, basically, is like an online editor that corrects grammatical errors, improves readability, etc.

It provides almost the same features as standard grammar tools, but with a special focus on SEO.

This tool not only helps you improve your writing quality but also makes sure that search engines consider it as high-quality content as well.

It integrates with popular platforms like Google Docs and WordPress so that you can optimize your content as you write it.

semrush quick seo checker results


PageImprove is actually a completely free tool that you can use, without any paid subscriptions.

It’s a Chrome extension that helps you quickly identify on-page SEO issues, as well as some other info like metadata, and allows you to edit and publish it right on your Chrome browser.

semrush pageimprove extension

Post Tracking

Once you have created and posted content, you can use the Post Tracking tool by Semrush to measure each post's performance.

You can track the performance of up to 50 posts at a time. That includes your competitors' posts as well. Here are the metrics that it shows.

semrush post tracking
Image via Semrush

Content Audit

While the Post Tracking tool is only for a limited number of posts, the Content Analyzer provides a more holistic view of your content's performance.

This has the capability to analyze thousands of posts and provide analytics data on their performance. It also provides suggestions on which posts need to be updated or rewrote.

semrush content audit
Image via Semrush

This brilliant tool by Semrush can easily replace any other content analytics tools that you may be using.

Content Marketplace

Content Marketplace is a new addition to Semrush's content marketing toolkit, and a much-needed one at that. It is a platform where you can get on-demand content, at a reasonable price.

You can get different types of content at different prices, or can subscribe to their monthly or annual subscription plans to get discounted rates.

semrush content marketplace

Image via Semrush

Here, you will also find a database or Media Stock of visual content like pictures, videos, icons, vector images, etc. 

With the Premium plan, you will also get the Shared Workspaces feature that allows you to collaborate with up to 3 team members using this platform.

Traffic Analytics

Semrush provides a powerful traffic analytics tool that gives detailed insights into the key metrics for any website. You simply have to enter the domain and press enter to get this traffic data for competitor research.

The first tab that you will see is the Overview tab which gives a summary of all the traffic analytics data. You can compare your website with that of competitors on key metrics like unique website visitors, average visit duration, etc.

You can review and analyze this traffic data using the numerous visualization options provided by Semrush. Likewise, you can also save this information in the form of a PNG file.

semrush traffic analytics
Image via Semrush

There are more tabs that provide comprehensive competitor benchmarking. These include audience overlap, traffic journey, top pages, geo-distribution, subdomains, and bulk analysis.

Two specific reports that I want to focus on for this Semrush review are the Audience Insights and Traffic Journey.

In the Audience Insights section, you can see exactly how your audience overlaps with those of your competitors and other domains. This can help you find the best co-marketing partners who share the same target audience as yours.

semrush competitor audience overlap
Image via Semrush

In the Traffic Journey report, you can see which websites users visit before and after they visit your website. You can even do this analysis for any website. 

You can use these insights to better understand and engage your website visitors and keep them on your website longer.

semrush traffic journey timeline
Image via Semrush

To access these detailed reports, you need to buy the competitive intelligence (CI) add-on for Semrush.

Market Explorer

Market Explorer is another useful tool that comes with the CI add-on package. 

You can use it to get an overview of the market trends and players.

This is especially useful for businesses that want to expand into new markets, as it can help you assess the market and see how competitive it is and who you will compete against.

Here are some of the things that you can do using this tool:

  • Get key traffic metrics at an industry level
  • Benchmark your performance with the industry average and against competitors (up to 5)
  • Identify and analyze the performance metric of all market players
  • Create your own custom markets by adding a list of domains (up to 20) and then analyze their performance and trends

You can do all this and a lot more using the Market Explorer tool from Semrush.

Other Tools and Features

Apart from the five toolkits mentioned above, Semrush offers a number of standalone products and tools that you can buy. 

In this section of my Semrush review, I will mention some of the most useful tools that work well as an add-on to the core platform and SEO tools.


ImpactHero is a personal AI tool designed to help your business track your user’s journey from first contact, all the way to converting.

This information is important to ecommerce stores. It helps businesses find high-performing content, and identify weak spots within their sales funnel.

ImpactHero offers customer journey mapping, filtering of content type versus total traffic, and traffic sources.

semrush impacthero results
Image via Semrush

ImpactHero costs another $200 extra a month for all pricing tiers.

Agency Growth Kit

This kit includes a complete set of tools and Semrush features that are especially useful for agencies. This includes:

  • Access to Agency Partners Platform where you can get discovered by brands or potential clients for your agency.
  • In the agency kit, you will also get access to advanced reporting capabilities within the My Reports dashboard.
  • You will also get access to an unlimited Client Manager that you can use to manage your client data, projects, reports, etc.

The agency growth kit helps automate some of the most important workflows within an agency, such as lead prospecting, a client portal, and a bid finder that helps find relevant high-quality contracts.

The Agency Growth Kit costs another $150 extra a month for all pricing tiers.

Tools for Amazon

This is a useful toolkit that Semrush provides for Amazon sellers to manage and optimize their product listings and get more conversions.

semrush amazon insights graph

You can use a plethora of different tools, such as Amazon Traffic Insights to analyze traffic sources for competing products. This can help you find new customer sources.

Use the Listing Quality Check to check and optimize your current product listings. Listing Protection is another brilliant feature that tells you when there is a traffic loss for a particular listing. It also informs you about listing changes by competitors that might be causing this loss.

The pricing of the different Amazon tools ranges from free, all the way to $99 a month.


This is a digital PR tool that Semrush acquired in 2020 to expand its marketing offerings. You can use this to get access to over 1 million journalists and influencers.

Other features include tailored online newsrooms, email campaigns, sophisticated PR analytics, and CRM functionality.

semrush prowly recipient list builder
Image via Prowly

The essential bundle costs $293 a month, and the professional bundle will set you back $393 a month.


Semrush’s PageImprove is a Chrome browser extension, that helps you edit on-page SEO right on the Chrome browser without the need to go into a page builder like WordPress.

The best part is that you can use PageImprove for free.

semrush pageimprove example

Semrush Pricing and Plans

Semrush’s pricing and tiers are straightforward, easy to understand and offer options that work for small businesses, all the way to large organizations and agencies.

There are 3 pricing tiers:

  • Pro Plan: $129.95/month
  • Guru Plan: $249.95/month
  • Business Plan: $499.95/month

Semrush’s pricing is fairly standard, and what you pay for is what you get. For all tiers, most tools are available, apart from the content marketing platform that’s only available on Guru and Business tiers.

Here is a comparison of the basic features included in the three tiers:


Pro Plan

Guru Plan

Business Plan

Number of projects

5 projects

15 projects

40 projects

Number of keywords trackable

500 keywords

1500 keywords

5000 keywords

Content Marketing Platform




API Access




Number of analytic reports a day




Keyword metric updates per month




Pages to crawl a month

100 000

300 000

1 000 000

Social Profiles you can monitor




Price Comparison With Other Similar Tools

Semrush is reasonably priced, and sits in the middle between more expensive, and relatively cheap SEO platforms.

Let’s take a look at how Semrush’s pricing compares to other similar platforms. I’ll be comparing the lowest priced tier, versus the highest priced tier for each tool.

PlatformLowest Priced TierHighest Priced Tier
Similarweb$167/monthBook a demo for pricing

Is Semrush Worth It?

When Semrush is compared to other similar platforms, its value proposition is high.

Semrush doesn’t just include traffic analytics and SEO tools like a keyword finder and SEO audit tool. Semrush is an all-in-one tool that helps you build brand awareness, increase online visibility, and discover valuable marketing insights.

Tools, such as Ahrefs and Spyfu, are cheaper than Semrush, but don’t have nearly as many tools on offer. All of these tools have traffic analytics, keyword ranking, and API access at higher tiers, but lack in other areas such as Mobile SERPs, Local SEO, and PPC keyword research.

One tool that comes close to Semrush in its offerings is SerpStat, which has a slew of extra tools such as a Chrome SEO checker extension, mobile search rankings, and market share tracking.

Overall, Semrush offers the most comprehensive list of tools, even at its lowest priced tier, making it worth every dollar spent.

Semrush Customer Support Review

There are only two ways to get a hold of Semrush support.

  • Phone number: There is a support number on their website for the USA, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, and Australia. Each has its own business hours, for example, if you need support within the USA, you can contact Semrush support Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM (EST/EDT).
  • Email: If you’re outside of working hours, you can also email their support on their contact support page.

Although there’s no 24/7 customer support, just having a glance at their Trustpilot reviews, and social media presence, you’ll notice that they try and address any negative reviews posted online professionally.

My personal experience with Semrush has mainly been over the phone, and I’ve never had issues getting an issue addressed, or a question answered. 

Emailing them outside business hours did result in my email only getting a reply after 2 days, which is why I’d recommend calling them during business hours, instead of sending an email.

What I Like About Semrush

My team and I use Semrush on a daily basis to find keywords, get content ideas, keep track of my website's performance, monitor my competitors, and find valuable market trends to create content that ranks well.

In my opinion, it is the multi-functionality of this tool that makes it irreplaceable. 

I’ve also found the social media toolkit quite useful. The social dashboard offers a quick insight into how well all my connected social media accounts are performing, including post engagement, reach, impressions, and an all-in-one inbox to manage all comments and messages in one place.

semrush social media tracker
Image via Semrush

The PageImprove tool is another one of my favorites. It allows you to edit on-page SEO issues through the Chrome browser, without having to log in to WordPress to make these changes.

semrush pageimprove

What I Dislike About Semrush

Although I’ve never had issues with Semrush’s support, compared to a platform like Ahrefs, which has 24/5 support, meaning 24 hours a day for all weekdays, does sour the grapes a bit.

If you run into an issue that’s urgent, unless it happens during business hours, you’ll most likely need to wait till the next day to be able to call their support. 

Another minor inconvenience is the overall learning curve that comes with using Semrush. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use, but there are so many toolkits available, that in can be a little overwhelming at first.

Although Semrush does post the occasional explainer on their social media feeds and YouTube, platforms like Ahrefs have produced excellent videos and tutorials about all functions and tools that their platform offers, making onboarding so much easier.


Q1. Which features are available with the free trial option?

A. Semrush offers a free trial that allows you to try out the tool with certain limitations. This article details the list of things that you can do when trying the tool for free.

Q2. How can I edit my subscription and add/delete additional limits?

A. Semrush subscriptions come with certain limits for the number of projects/users/social profiles that you can add and other things. But, you can edit your subscription and increase or decrease the limit for each.

For this, you need to go to the subscription info tab in the top right corner of your account. Your plan's price will be automatically modified based on the changes that you make.

You can also go to this tab to check out your current subscription plan and the limits that it allows.

Q3. Can I change plans or cancel my subscription after buying?

A. Yes, you can change your plan or cancel your subscription anytime. There is a 7-day money-back guarantee, so you will get a full refund if you cancel within seven days.

To get a refund, please send an email at [email protected] within seven days of subscribing.

Q4. Will my account be automatically charged after the free trial period is over?

A. Yes, your account will be charged to the monthly amount of the plan that you selected, once the trial period is over. However, if you cancel within seven days of the free trial, you will not be charged.

Q5. Can I retrieve my data after canceling my subscription?

A. Yes, they offer a 30-day grace period after you cancel your subscription. Your projects will remain active during this period, and you can download and save your data before it expires.

If you choose to renew your subscription during this time, all your projects and data will remain as is.

Q6. Is the free trial available for all plans?

A. No, the free trial is available only for the Pro plan.

Please note that the 7-day money-back guarantee applies to all subscription plans.

Q7. Does Semrush offer any custom plans?

A. Yes. Contact their sales team to discuss your needs and get your own custom plan.

Q8. Is there anything better than Semrush?

In my opinion, there aren’t any other tools that are better than Semrush. 

There might be certain features that other tools offer that might outperform Semrush, such as the excellent support system that Ahrefs offer, or Similarweb’s excellent competitive analysis insights, but Semrush as an overall package still remains the best all-around SEO platform.

Q9. What countries & languages does Semrush support?

When it comes to searching for analytics in a specific country, you’ll find plenty of countries already listed, but if you can’t find a country, you can search for it using country codes offered by Semrush.

If you want to use Semrush in a different language, Semrush has several languages available:


The AI writing tool supports, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Dutch.

Q10. Is Semrush the best SEO tool?

Semrush is easily one of the best SEO tools out there and is my preferred SEO tool that I use on a daily basis.

There are other alternatives that come close, such as Ahrefs and Similarweb, but Semrush’s competitive pricing, and bonus features like Local SEO, pushes it ahead of its direct competitors.

Q11. Where does Semrush get its data?

Semrush has a list of its very own trusted data sources, as well as its own programmed machine-learning algorithms that collect and analyze the data.

For keywords and search engine rankings, third-party data providers collect Google search results for over 500 million popular keywords. 

From there, Semrush’s machine learning algorithms process live and historical data of these keywords, including positional changes and domain rankings, to put together a thorough analysis of the data for you.

Q12. Who is Semrush's competitors?

There are plenty of Semrush alternatives that are close competitors, offering similar tools and features at various price points. Some of these are:

Sprout Social
Zoho Social

Semrush Review: Final Verdict?

Semrush is my top pick whenever someone asks what tools to use to improve a site's visibility and overall SEO.

It offers the widest range of tools not only to improve SEO and visibility, but also to help create new content ideas, improve social media visibility, and Local SEO. 

If you want my opinion, I give this tool a big thumbs up and recommend it to anyone who wants to boost their online presence, regardless of the company size. 

You can choose the plan according to your business needs, or you can even get a customized plan made specifically for your organization, Semrush has it all!

If you’re still not sure whether Semrush is for you, they offer a 14-day free Pro trial, so don’t take my word for it, try them today!


  1. Amit Rathod says:

    I will definitely use the SEMrush tool in the future, thanks for the review.

    1. Shane Barker says:

      Hi Amit, that is awesome news! Let me know how it goes! 😉

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