Do you feel hassled every time you hire an employee?

Don’t drown yourself in paperwork. By automating the process with employee onboarding tools, you can give them a warm welcome without being overwhelmed.

Employee onboarding is a process in which a new employee becomes acclimated to a company’s system and culture. They gain the knowledge they need about how the company functions and its key personnel.

Your chances of retaining an employee go up by 82% if they have a great onboarding experience.

However, many small and medium-sized companies rely on manual systems rather than leveraging the latest technologies. By shifting the process online, you can boost your organization’s productivity and efficiency.

You can reduce your paperwork, make fewer errors, and cut a lot of manual labor in the HR department.

Before you decide which employee onboarding tools to use, identify your requirements. Make a checklist of needed software features. Ideally, you should incorporate employee feedback. Consider your budget and the number of employees in your company.

This will help you determine whether you want a customized app or one with standard features.

To help you find the right tool for your company, we’ve reviewed the top 15 employee onboarding tools.

Ready to check them out? Keep reading to learn more.

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Best Employee Onboarding Tools

Here’s a list of some of the top employee onboarding tools.

We’ve compared their features and pricing plans to help you figure out which one best fits your requirements.

Employee Onboarding Tool #1: Qualtrics XM

Qualtrics XM helps you optimize and automate the onboarding process in several ways. You can get feedback from new hires through customized survey forms.

With real-time insights, you can track your onboarding processes and see which areas need improvement. Moreover, iQ, its predictive intelligence engine, offers advanced analytical features.

Sounds impressive, right?

Key Features

  • Customize your onboarding program.
  • Employee responses automatically generate reports.


To get a demo and price quotation, contact their sales team online.


  • Easy to collect data and customize reports.
  • Great employee engagement features. {Comment: Specifics?]


  • The dashboard is not as intuitive as we expected.

qualtrics xm employee onboarding tool

Image via Qualtrics XM

Employee Onboarding Tool #2: Freshteam

Freshteam, an employee onboarding tool from Freshworks, allows you to deploy documents, forms, security policies, and handbooks that employees can access online.

This helps you avoid the time and energy that goes into manual documentation and improves your document management process.

What else can you expect?

You can send automated reminders to employees who need to submit documents. You can streamline the onboarding process by automatically assigning and tracking tasks for various departments.

Sound good?

Here’s another feature. This employee onboarding tool also facilitates offboarding, automatically removing an employee from the system after the termination date.

It also enables electronic signatures.

Key Features

  • A dedicated support team provides instant help.
  • Automated process for effortless onboarding.
  • Open APIs help quick integration of onboarding software with any application.


You can try this app for free. The Blossom plan costs $50 per month per 50 users. The Garden plan, with more added features, costs $100 per month per 50 users. The premium Estate plan, with all features, costs $200 per month per 50 users.


  • Intuitive dashboard helps to plan the day in advance.
  • Customized reports for better analysis.
  • Responsive customer support.


  • Possible poor integration between the customer’s website and Freshteam’s system.
  • The web app has more features than the mobile app.

freshworks employee onboarding tool

Image via Freshworks

Employee Onboarding Tool #3: BambooHR

BambooHR is cloud-based HR software that helps you with your hiring and onboarding processes. Its main target market consists of small and medium-sized businesses.

What else?

With BambooHR, organizations can collect and organize information that they gather throughout an employee’s work cycle.

This tool can be used in different countries as it enables the use of multiple languages and currencies.

Anything more?

BambooHR supports electronic signatures, which help you save time and money on paper forms. It also provides email alerts to help you keep track of employees’ birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It includes a mobile app that keeps you updated on-the-go.

Key Features

  • Automatically send onboarding tasks to recruits.
  • Customize the new-hire kit and emails to help recruits create relationships with other team members.
  • Reduce employee attrition rate by improving the time-to-productivity of recruits.


BambooHR offers a free trial. Contact them directly for details on their pricing plans.


  • Software is user-friendly and admin features are easy to understand.
  • Automation of documentation helps improve efficiency.
  • Employees can maintain records and sign electronically.


  • Report views cannot be customized.
  • Repetition of form filling wastes time.

bamboohr employee onboarding tool

Image via BambooHR

Employee Onboarding Tool #4: Gusto

Gusto software can automate the onboarding process with features for sending offer letters, hiring new employees, and tracking employees’ work hours online.

What does it mean for you?

This tool automatically incorporates your team’s working hours and holidays in payroll, saving your HR team a ton of effort and time.

Gusto uses e-file, e-fax, and e-sign technologies to make it easy for you to file your taxes. With these features, you can go completely paperless.

Key Features

  • Online signing of forms and documents helps reduce manual documentation.
  • Manage time-offs and automatically sync payrolls.
  • Anonymous surveys help to get feedback and manage team performance.


Before you invest in this application, you can take a one-month free trial. The Core plan starts at $6 per month per employee. Their premium Concierge plan starts at $12 per month per employee.


  • Time tracking option helps to improve productivity.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Good user interface.


  • Poor customer service.

gusto employee onboarding tool

Image via Gusto

Employee Onboarding Tool #5: Boomi

Boomi is another onboarding tool that helps you engage your employees more effectively. It is a cloud-based app, so you can synchronize your data online. When you need to integrate your processes with on-site systems, you can use the Boomi Integration software.

What else can it do?

Using this employee onboarding tool, you can streamline even complex cross-organizational workflows.

Key Features

  • The onboarding process is structured and workflows are synchronized.
  • Onboarding Solution Accelerator can instantly add a recruit.
  • Boomi Integration helps in integrating with native systems.


The software is available for a 30-day free trial. Contact the company for detailed pricing.


  • Easy integration of external and internal systems.
  • Minimal coding required.
  • Best Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for Application Integration.


  • Fixing bugs can take time.
  • Coding is difficult to understand.

boomi employee onboarding tool

Image via Boomi

Employee Onboarding Tool #6: Newton

With Newton, you can broadcast your job listings easily, schedule interviews, and get feedback from team members. This tool gives you more control over the employee onboarding process.

With Smart Alerts, this tool automatically sends personalized emails to all potential candidates to keep them engaged.

What more can it do?

Once you’ve shortlisted a few candidates, you can use this tool to perform background checks, and you can create and send offer letters. This application can also automate your tax collection process.

Key Features

  • Substantial automated onboarding tools reduce manual documentation.
  • An intuitive onboarding dashboard.
  • Advanced interview scheduling helps to filter candidates and improve the quality of recruits.


A free demo is available. Contact their sales team for pricing details.


  • This tool is mobile-friendly, which facilitates quick responses from hiring managers.
  • The recruiting dashboard is easy to use and makes onboarding faster with reduced errors.
  • It’s more cost-effective than its competitors.


  • Infrequent feature updates.
  • Coding to be done manually.
  • CRM is not very responsive.

newton employee onboarding tool

Image via Newton

Employee Onboarding Tool #7: CIPHR

CIPHR’s employee onboarding and recruitment software lets you customize application forms and even add your company's branding.

How can it help you?

You can post jobs to multiple job boards and filter applications. A video screening feature lets you easily interview remote candidates.

Other notable features include referral rewards, applicant tracking, and configurable workflows.

Key Features

  • Single-point storage for required documents and other information.
  • You can upload information about vacancies to multiple online channels.
  • Customizable forms and processes, including branding.
  • The video screening feature helps identify the best talent.


You can try a free demo of the software before purchasing the paid version.


  • Tech support is knowledgeable and quickly responds to problems.
  • The onboarding tool is easy to use and customizable.
  • Automated information of previous employees helps create a talent pool.


  • It can be expensive to add modules.

ciphr employee onboarding tool

Image via CIPHR

Employee Onboarding Tool #8: ClearCompany

ClearCompany is easy to use, intuitive, and mobile-friendly. It securely stores tax forms like I-9, W-4, and others.

Anything else?

Yes, this software uses auto-fill technology to speed up completion of forms. You can also automate verification and background check processes for new employees.


You can set reminders and deadlines for new employees as well as existing team members. Real-time reports and interactive dashboards make it easier to manage tasks.

Key Features

  • Built-in forms ensure compliance, and information storage is secure.
  • Auto-fill technology saves repetition and decreases errors.
  • Digital employee verification is available.
  • Smooth integration with major payroll providers.


You can request a price quote and demo.


  • Easy-to-understand user interface, which can be accessed through any device.
  • Prompt customer service.
  • The interview scheduling feature helps you save time and automates the process.


  • It needs better preboarding features.

clearcompany employee onboarding tool

Image via ClearCompany

Employee Onboarding Tool #9: Staffbase

Staffbase is an onboarding app with tools from preboarding to offboarding. You can easily integrate employees into your organizational structure and offboard them without any paperwork hassle.

What more to expect?

Other notable features include mobile functionality, personalization, and integration with Office 365, SharePoint, and SAP.

Key Features

  • Available for individual employee apps as well as expanded intranet.
  • Send reminders to employees to complete tasks
  • Deploy surveys to help improve the onboarding process.


You can request a demo and price quote.


  • Enables interaction across multiple channels and locations.
  • Suitable for companies where most workers are in the field.
  • Easy to understand and implement for the admin and users.


  • Less flexible as many features need to be set up by customer support.

staffbase employee onboarding tool

Image via Staffbase

Employee Onboarding Tool #10: HROnboard

With HROnboard, you can create custom workflows. You can easily manage complex business tasks, contracts, and other paperwork. You can assign tasks related to payroll, security, and IT.

How can it help you?

When you make a job offer, you can track activity with advanced analytics and reporting features. For added privacy, the software can be customized to limit access and visibility.

Key Features

  • Customize onboarding processes.
  • Built-in forms and documents help speed up the onboarding process.
  • Two-factor authentication, reminders, notifications, dynamic contract builder, and more.


You can get a free trial on request. The annual paid plans range from $2,000 to $8,000. For customized requirements, you can request a price quote.


  • The onboarding tool is flexible and easy to understand.
  • This tool can easily manage a large number of new employees.


  • It is expensive to add advanced features.

hronboard employee onboarding tool

Image via HROnboard

Employee Onboarding Tool #11: ExactHire

ExactHire’s OnboardCentric tool can help you digitize your paperwork. You can automate assignments and customize your workflow, from federal tax forms to handbook and policy authorizations.

What’s more?

This tool allows your employees to electronically sign documents, which is especially useful for remote workers. You can also send training videos. You can track their progress through automated reminders at regular intervals.

Key Features

  • Automated and customized workflows for multiple locations.
  • Train employees by integrating videos and guides.
  • Automatic reminders for upcoming tasks.


Their employee onboarding tool starts at $130 per month. A free demo is available.


  • Auto-population of forms helps save time on repetitive tasks.
  • Digital documents help increase accuracy and reduce employee onboarding time.
  • Great customer support, with quick responses to problems.


  • Not compatible with Internet Explorer.
  • Requires constant customer support to understand software functions.

exacthire employee onboarding tool

Image via ExactHire

Employee Onboarding Tool #12: ELMO

ELMO’s tool can help you personalize your new employees’ onboarding processes. This tool can simplify, automate, and customize your onboarding workflow.

You can create a personalized onboarding page with instructions, introductions to team members, and other company information. You can configure forms and workflow processes.

Want to know more?

Key Features

  • Create and customize graphic onboarding workflows.
  • Configure electronic forms.
  • Integrated rostering, performance management, course builder, survey builders, and more.


A demo is available. Use its ROI calculator to see how much you can save with this software. For pricing plans, get in touch with the sales team.


  • Learning modules are simple and efficient.
  • Streamlined HR processes help decrease costs.
  • Personal onboarding portals for employees enable a quick start.


  • Needs better customer support.

elmo employee onboarding tool

Image via ELMO

Employee Onboarding Tool #13: Organimi

This employee onboarding tool facilitates the understanding of every department’s role and whom to approach for any sort of query. The tool makes it easy to create and share organizational charts.

Why is this important?

You can upload documents with contact information and reporting structure to familiarize new employees with your organization. You can organize and import data with simple drag-and-drop features.

Organimi allows you to create custom fields, with complete control over which fields are displayed to specific employees.

Key Features

  • Create an organizational chart to introduce recruits to your company structure.
  • Easy drag-and-drop interface.
  • Quick import and export of data.


The basic plan, priced at $125 annually, does not include employee onboarding features. Other plans with employee onboarding cost $250, $350, and $600 annually.


  • Organizational charts help in a quick introduction to new hires.
  • Simplified processes help in effective project planning.


  • Limited flexibility for developing organizational charts.

organimi employee onboarding tool

Image via Organimi

Employee Onboarding Tool #14: Talmundo

Once you’ve hired your dream candidate, Talmundo can make onboarding easy. Your employees can get their login accounts on the first day and connect with other team members.

Your recruits can also download the Talmundo app to stay connected and get updates about tasks.

You can remind them to submit paperwork with automatic reminders. Talmundo also has an AI chatbot to help them get instant answers to queries.

What else?

If you have global divisions, Talmundo’s software will automatically translate and distribute information. It also facilitates the gathering of employees' suggestions to improve your onboarding process.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration with existing HR systems
  • Digital chatbot assistance available for new hires.
  • Customization and consistency of workflow across global locations.


You can get a demo and price quotations on request.


  • Increase employee retention and decrease time-to-productivity for new employees.
  • Responsive and professional client support team.
  • Identify problems across the onboarding lifecycle and create actionable solutions.


  • Downloadable app is not available for the mobile format.

talmundo employee onboarding tool

Image via Talmundo

Employee Onboarding Tool #15: Digidesk

Digidesk is an employee onboarding platform that can accommodate full-time and contract employees. You can integrate them seamlessly into the organizational structure.

What does it do?

It can help you manage your documents and forms by eliminating manual data entry. With Digidesk, you can customize and easily edit forms and documents.

You can even use your smartphone to make changes. You can access all your employee information and documents from a single platform.

Key Features

  • Seamless onboarding across platforms at your convenience.
  • Scan, upload, and edit any document from any device.
  • A single application can help you manage users and data.


You can schedule a call to get a demo and pricing.


  • Secure document management system for your business modules.
  • Reduce manual processing errors by up to 95%.


  • Free trial not available.

digidesk employee onboarding tool

Image via Digidesk

Which of These Employee Onboarding Tools is Best?

Your employees are your main assets, so you should make sure they feel welcome when they join your organization.

Put in the effort to introduce them to your team, culture, and work. Let employee onboarding tools handle the paperwork and other onboarding formalities. Free up your time by automating repetitive tasks, so your HR team can focus on other work.

Overall, these essential tools for your business can help you make the employee onboarding process much easier.

In your opinion, which is the best employee onboarding tool? Share your views in the comments section below.


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