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ZoomInfo Alternatives Features & Price Table

Here’s a comparison table of ZoomInfo alternatives, their features, and pricing.

Product NamePriceKey Features
UpLeadEssentials: $99/month
Plus: $179/month
Professional: $349/month
Account based marketing ,
Competitor intelligence ,
Email pattern intelligence
Lead411Basic: $99/month
Pro: $199/month
Lead builder ,
Integration to CRM automation,
Data cleaning
LinkedIn Sales NavigatorProfessional: $99/month
Team: $149/month
Enterprise: $1600/year
Advanced Filters,
Unlimited searches,
10,000 leads a month
LeadfeederLite: Free
Premium: $79/month
Search terms tracking,
Historic data,
Lead generation,
Browsing behavior tracking
DiscoverOrgEssentials: $99/month
Plus: $179/month
Professional: $349/month
Detailed charts ,
Verified direct dials,
Buying insights
Prospect.io$99/month (250 contacts)CRM Integration,
Call List Management,
Inbox Integration
FullContactContact sales teamLead management,
Identity management,
Sales enablement
D&B HooversContact sales teamStrategic lead targeting,
Seamless MAP,
Improved sales prospecting,
Enhanced sales productivity
LushaPro: $29/month
Premium: $51/month
Email and phone number finder,
Employee onboarding,
Streamlined candidate finder
SisenseContact sales teamAd-hoc analysis,
Centralized data,
Consolidates and stores data
ClearbitContact sales teamClearbit offers site personalization,
Reliable B2B IP lookup,
Data enrichment
DemandbaseContact sales teamCentralized command and control,
Target audience defining ,
Account-based marketing analytics
LeadFuzeUnlimited: $397/month
Scaling: $497/month
Unlimited lists,
Account based search filters,
Market based search filters
LeadGeniusContact sales teamTargeted account list
Performance monitoring
Engagement monitoring
FiindEssentials: $99/month
Plus: $179/month
Professional: $349/month
Data enrichment,
Tap into customer signals from CRM,
Predictive lead scoring

What is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is a sales intelligence tool with a comprehensive contact database that can help your sales and BD teams perform better. It provides accurate contact and company intelligence to fuel your business development and sales strategies.

Image Via Zoominfo

Using the Growth Acceleration Platform by ZoomInfo, you can connect with the key decision-makers in any company or industry.

You can get access to on-demand, direct-dial phone numbers, email addresses, and other background information for your prospects. 

It also allows you to build targeted lists of contacts for more focused sales prospecting and conversions.

Still not convinced about its usefulness?

Let’s look at some of its other features:

ZoomInfo Key Features

  • Powerful contact search functionality
  • Option to build targeted contact lists
  • A cloud-based platform that works well for all types of businesses
  • It is supported by all types of laptops, desktops, and mobile devices
  • It also has a Chrome extension, which is very useful


  • More direct-dial contact details and email addresses than any other provider
  • Easy-to-use interface with robust features
  • A comprehensive contact database curated by gathering info from multiple sources


  • The contact database is not updated very frequently, and sometimes you may find outdated information.


  • Pricing is available on request
Image Via Zoominfo

Why Look For a ZoomInfo Alternative?

Whether you are currently subscribed to ZoomInfo or thinking of getting ZoomInfo, there’s nothing wrong with looking for alternatives. 

In fact, if you’re in the market for a contact management tool, then you should be looking at alternatives.

It’s important to compare similar contact management tools, especially when there are so many in the market and many share similar features to ZoomInfo.

Some ZoomInfo alternatives might be cheaper, with fewer features. Some might be more expensive, but boast better features, more contacts monthly, or simply provide better support.

Either way, it’s good to know your options, even if you are already a ZoomInfo customer.

Features to Look for in ZoomInfo Competitors

As mentioned before, looking for ZoomInfo competitors is perfectly normal.

But what features should a ZoomInfo competitor have? Let’s see:

  • Real-time verification
  • Large database of leads/contacts
  • Automated lead builder
  • Reporting functions
  • Filtering options
  • Unlimited contact messaging, or at least an option to message more contacts when your monthly limit is reached
  • Some form of targeting, like geo-targeting
  • Import and export of lead contact information

A great bonus feature would be direct contact details of a company. That means an email or phone number of a CEO or owner of a business. Not all ZoomInfo competitors provide this, but it’s a great extra feature to have.

My Selection Criteria for Choosing ZoomInfo Competitors

With so many ZoomInfo competitors on the market, it is important to narrow down the list, which means creating set criteria for finding only the best ZoomInfo alternatives. 

Here are the criteria I considered when selecting the top ZoomInfo Competitors:

  • Real-time verification. Not all ZoomInfo competitors are able to offer real-time verification of accounts, which makes them unreliable. Contact information can be verified in different ways, although most contact management software does it through verification teams or algorithms that automatically validate phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Automated lead builder. This is when AI uses your in and outgoing data, as well as third party data from whichever contact manager you choose, to create a list of curated contacts that fit your business.
  • Filtering of leads. There needs to be some form of a filter to narrow down leads. This can be through location or niche, as long as you can narrow down your list of leads.
  • A robust analytics tool. You’ll need a great analytics tools to measure and compare competitors and possible clients' data. This might include revenue earned and employees of the business. This will help you select the right leads to follow.

I also made sure to include software for all types of businesses. To do this, I compared pricing, features, scalability, and customizability.

Most of these contact ZoomInfo alternatives offer custom packages that are tailored to fit your business size and pocket.

I’ve included some free ZoomInfo alternatives as well. These might not pack all the great features that paid software does, but are great to use if you’re just starting out.

What Are the Best ZoomInfo Alternatives?

The best ZoomInfo alternatives will offer similar features to ZoomInfo, helping businesses discover new leads by collecting contact information relevant to your business.

15 Best Alternatives to ZoomInfo

These are some of the best alternatives to ZoomInfo that you can select from.

Best Overall – UpLead

UpLead is an online B2B sales intelligence platform that connects you with qualified leads. This ZoomInfo alternative has an existing lead database of over 46 million online profiles.

It’s a great platform for sales professionals, marketers, as well as recruiting professionals.

Image via UpLead

Using their platform, you can find leads and verify their contact information in real-time. To find your ideal leads, you can add over 50 filters to your search.

The best part is that UpLead integrates with popular CRM platforms, including Zoho, HubSpot, and others. This ensures that you can seamlessly shift between different software programs.

You can also download all the information you need from UpLead within a matter of minutes and share it with your teammates.

You can get started with a 7-day free trial. The free trial plan comes with 5 credits pre-added.

Key Features

  • Real-time email verification 
  • Worldwide contacts in over 200 countries 
  • Technology tracking
  • Account-based marketing 
  • Competitor intelligence 
  • Email pattern intelligence 
  • Social profile links
  • Robust API


  • Essentials: $99/month
  • Plus: $179/month
  • Professional: $349/month

If you want to learn more about their pricing, you can see their additional pricing plans here.

Best for Small Businesses – Lead411

Lead411 is a powerful sales intelligence platform that can be used as a ZoomInfo alternative. It comes with a database that can help recruiters, sales teams, marketing managers, and business builders perform better.

Image via Lead411

Lead411 provides you with thousands of mobile/office direct dials and verified email addresses every day. The data they provide is highly-accurate and reliable.

Image via Lead411

Other than accurate direct dials, you can target consumers right when they actually want to buy using intelligent sales triggers, competitors’ data, buying signals, and decision-maker role changes.

You can also get 50 free leads with a demo today.

Key Features

  • Lead builder 
  • Integration to CRM/Marketing automation
  • Data cleaning
  • Data segmentation/filtering
  • Reporting


  • Basic: $99/month
  • Pro: $199/month
  • Enterprise: Contact their sales team for a custom quote

Best for Solo Professionals – LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a contact database and discovery platform powered by LinkedIn. LinkedIn is in itself a huge professional network with professionals from all industries. 

This ZoomInfo alternative helps you find and reach out to the right people in a company or niche.

linkedin sales navigator
Image Via LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This is a powerful sales intelligence and business development tool that can be used by businesses of all sizes. 

The interface is also quite easy to operate and makes it easy for you to manage your contact details and interactions.

Overall, this is a great ZoomInfo alternative and sales tool that is trusted by businesses and marketing professionals worldwide.

Key Features

  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Unlimited number of searches
  • A maximum of 10,000 leads
  • 50 free InMail messages monthly
  • Custom lists to track leads


  • Sales navigator core (professional): $99/month
  • Sales navigator advanced (team): $149/month
  • Sales navigator advanced plus (enterprise): starts at $1600/year

Best Free Alternative – Leadfeeder

This is a lead generating and prospecting tool that can help you find leads in your niche and build your contact lists. 

This is different from ZoomInfo in that it is not a contact database in itself, but can help you find relevant leads. (That’s why it’s still enlisted as a ZoomInfo alternative).

Image via Leadfeeder

The way it works is by integrating with your Google Analytics and analyzing users visiting your website. It can identify prospects even if they do not fill any forms and just visit your website.

Image via Leadfeeder

Other than that, it can also find contact information for any employees in a company. And, it can also track user behavior to help you nurture those leads in the right way.

Key Features

  • Search terms tracking
  • Historic data
  • Lead generation
  • Browsing behavior tracking
  • Lead filtering
  • Reporting


  • Lite: Free
  • Premium: $79/month

Honorable Mention – DiscoverOrg

This is another ZoomInfo alternative that you can use to gather contact information as well as market trends. The business development tool has robust data gathering, analytics, and visualization tools to aid your sales team.

Just like ZoomInfo, it also has a comprehensive contact database with updated information on contacts and their details. It also regularly provides updates on any leadership changes or any relevant news that could help you with sales prospecting.

However, unlike ZoomInfo, the data-gathering process is not automatic but manual. This means that the database might not be as exhaustive, but you can rest assured that it is accurate (95%).

Key Features

  • Detailed charts 
  • Verified direct dials
  • Buying insights
  • Granular segmentation & targeting
  • Geotargeting


  • Essentials: $99/month
  • Plus: $179/month
  • Professional: $349/month
Image Via DiscoverOrg

6. Overloop ( Prospect.io )

This is a powerful sales tool that can be a good ZoomInfo alternative for finding contact data. You can use it to find and verify your sales prospects’ email addresses, job details, and other relevant details.

Want to know the best part?

They also have a Chrome extension that lets you manage all of your prospects in an easy and efficient manner.

Image Via Prospect.io

Apart from the prospecting features, this tool can also help with the outreach aspect. You can use it to run drip email campaigns to engage your leads. It also integrates with other platforms like Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Hubspot, making it all the more useful.

Overall, it is a really good ZoomInfo alternative that you can seriously consider.

Key Features

  • CRM Integration
  • Call List Management
  • Inbox Integration
  • Sales Activity Automation
  • Team Management
  • Email Automation


  • Their price is $99 per user a month. You will get 250 email finder credits included monthly. If you need more credits, you’ll have to purchase more.

7. FullContact

This is a prospecting and contact management platform that can be a great ZoomInfo alternative. It comes with numerous features that can help you with your entire sales pipeline.

Image Via  FullContact

From finding relevant industry leads to extracting all relevant contact data and information about them, it helps you do it all. Additionally, it also monitors changes in this contact-related information to identify trends to fuel your strategy.

Image Via  FullContact

Another great feature that it offers is that you can get detailed company profiles with all business-related information about a company. You can use this to find prospective B2B clients for your business and make a pitch in the right way.

Key Features

  • Lead management
  • Identity management
  • Sales enablement
  • Sales force automation
  • Predictive lead scoring


  • FullContact is pay as you go. For pricing, contact their sales team.

8. D&B Hoovers

This is a sales intelligence platform that provides you with everything you need for generating leads and driving them through the sales funnel. This ZoomInfo alternative provides detailed company and contact data that captures information in detail.

 d&b hoovers
Image via D&B Hoovers

Some key features include targeted prospect lists, robust business intelligence capabilities, and a lot more.

 d&b hoovers
Image via D&B Hoovers

Key Features

  • Strategic lead targeting
  • Seamless MAP and CRM integrations
  • Improved sales prospecting
  • Enhanced sales productivity


  • To get a quotation and demo, contact their sales team.

9. Lusha

This is another good ZoomInfo alternative for finding and organizing contact details. It provides you with all relevant information about a contact or company to help you make better business decisions.

Image Via Lusha

What’s more, you ask?

It has a plugin that scans the social profiles of prospects when you visit them and gathers all relevant information from there. It is a fairly simple-to-use tool that can be leveraged by businesses of all sizes and types.

Image Via Lusha

Key Features

  • Open API system
  • Email and phone number finder
  • Employee onboarding
  • Streamlined candidate finder


  • Pro: $29/month
  • Premium: $51/month
  • Scalable: Contact their sales team for a custom quote

10. Sisense

This is a powerful business intelligence platform that provides you with quality data and analytics to empower your teams to perform better. It is a highly scalable tool that can be used by businesses of all sizes from startups to enterprises.

Image Via Sisense

One of its best features is that it has a drag-and-drop interface that lets you visualize all of your data using dashboards. Overall, it is a great ZoomInfo alternative that gathers and organizes data for your use efficiently.

Key Features

  • Ad-hoc analysis of high-volume data
  • Centralized data hub
  • Integrates with web portals
  • Consolidates and stores data


  • Contact their sales team for custom pricing

11. Clearbit

Clearbit is another competitor to ZoomInfo. This data activation platform helps businesses reveal and convert new customers, as well as create a high-quality pipeline, so you’re always generating high-quality leads.

Image via Clearbit

With an easy 2-step setup, you’ll quickly activate your data, combining your current data with Clearbit’s dataset of over 100 attributes and 44 million companies.

Clearbit is able to enrich your existing account data, enhancing your CRM, CDP, and marketing automation.

Image via Clearbit

Key Features

  • Clearbit reveal offers site personalization
  • Reliable B2B IP lookup
  • Data enrichment
  • Better contact data helps boost acquisition and conversion rates


  • Contact their sales team for a custom quote

12. Demandbase

Demandbase is for B2B buyers that are tired of spam filled and unnecessary interactions daily.

To avoid this, Demandbase has built their software around smarter Account Intelligence, which uses AI to make sense of your accounts.

It can be hard finding new prospective buyers, especially when they’re shopping undercover online, which is where Demandbase plays a big role.

With Account Intelligence, Demandbase uses your first-party data, cleans it up, enriches it, and then mixes in their third-party data to help GTM teams get the best leads.

Image via Demandbase

Demandbase has plenty of support from business, with reviews posted on their YouTube channel, just like the one below.

Key Features

  • Centralized command and control
  • Target audience defining 
  • Account-based marketing analytics
  • Real-time intents


  • Their pricing is flexible depending on your needs. Contact their sales team for a custom quote

13. LeadFuze

LeadFuze is another top ZoomInfo competitor, with a great looking interface and well-optimized automated lead generation system in place.

LeadFuze is able to build lead lists that automatically syncs the leads to CRMs.

It’s able to match and verify new lead information in real-time among over 500 million people. It automates cold email campaigns and social selling, and can even customize ad targeting to specific individuals.

LeadFuze can even provide personal emails, apart from business emails, helping you get better match rates.

Image via LeadFuze

Key Features

  • Unlimited lists
  • Account-based search filters
  • Market-based search filters
  • List building automation


  • Unlimited: $397/month
  • Scaling: $497/month
  • They also provide custom quotes to suit your business needs

14. LeadGenius

LeadGenius was created with sales and marketing teams of B2B businesses in mind. 

Image via LeadGenius

LeadGenius delivers features similar to ZoomInfo. It’s able to deliver hard-to-find B2B contacts and even account data, that will help your company create new leads.

They do this by combining 3 separate categories into one, namely:

  • B2B data
  • Data outsourcing
  • Robotic Process Automation

With LeadGenius’ growth automation, you’ll shorten the sales-cycle, whilst gaining new leads and customers.

Image via LeadGenius

Key Features

  • Company and individual targeting
  • A/B testing
  • Targeted account list creation
  • Performance monitoring
  • Engagement monitoring
  • Email campaign management


  • Contact their sales team for a free demo and custom quote

15. Fiind

Fiind was started in 2014 and is an excellent alternative to ZoomInfo, especially for Microsoft users.

Fiind offers predictive analytics for companies that do B2B sales and marketing.

It’s simple to use and offers you customer insights instantaneously. It makes use of AI and machine learning to identify unique customers, offer deep insights and drive results.

If you’re looking to measure your intent, and where you fit within the market and customer’s needs, Fiind is perfect for you. Spend less time selling to the wrong customers and start drawing in the right ones with Fiind.

Key Features

  • Account-based marketing
  • Data enrichment
  • Tap into customer signals from CRM
  • Predictive lead scoring


  • Essentials: $99/month
  • Plus: $179/month
  • Professional: $349/month

Comparison of ZoomInfo Competitors

Here’s a quick comparison of the ZoomInfo competitors.

NamePricingExport of Contact InfoFilteringReal-time verificationSupport
UpLeadStarts from $99/monthYesYesYesExcellent
Lead411Starts from $99/monthYesYesYesExcellent
LinkedIn Sales NavigatorStarts from $99/monthYesYesYesExcellent
LeadfeederStarts from $79/monthYesYesNoGood
DiscoverOrgStarts from $99/monthYesYesYesGreat
Overloop ( Prospect.io )Starts from $99/monthYesYesYesExcellent
FullContactContact sales teamYesYesYesGreat
D&B HooversContact sales teamYesYesYesGreat
LushaStarts from $29/monthYesYesYesGreat
SisenseContact sales teamYesYesYesGreat


Q1. What are ZoomInfo competitors?

A. The top ZoomInfo competitors are:
– UpLead
– Lead411
– LinkedIn Sales Navigator
– Leadfeeder
– DiscoverOrg
– Prospect.io
– D&B Hoovers

Q2. What are ZoomInfo’s top 3 competitors?

A. ZoomInfo’s top 3 competitors are:
– UpLead
– Lead411
– LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Q3. How much does ZoomInfo cost per month?

A. ZoomInfo pricing starts from $10K per year. For more ZoomInfo pricing information, you can contact the vendor.

Q4. How long is the ZoomInfo free trial?

A. ZoomInfo’s free trial is 14 days long.

Q5. Is ZoomInfo legal?

A. ZoomInfo is legal globally. On May 25, 2020, they acquired the GDPR-compliant status, which means their B2B contact database fulfills GDPR compliance rules for personal data privacy. All the business data scraped by ZoomInfo is taken after their contributor community consents.

Q6. How do I get a ZoomInfo account?

A. You can sign up with your official email address or create an account at ZoomInfo’s Community. For the latter, you will be asked to install the ZoomInfo software.

Q7. How do ZoomInfo credits work?

A. ZoomInfo provides users with 1000 monthly credits and 2000 bulk credits at sign-up. Each time a user exports a contact from the platform, credits are consumed. On the first of every month, monthly credits are reset.

Q8. Why does ZoomInfo have my information?

A. ZoomInfo maintains the public profiles of its users. They obtain user information from their vast contributory network, third-party experts, and machine-learning tools.

Q9. How do I remove my personal information from ZoomInfo?

A. To remove your information from ZoomInfo, go to https://privacyrequest.zoominfo.com/update/verify. Enter your registered email address and initiate the profile-removal process from the page menu.

Which ZoomInfo Alternative Do You Like?

These are some of the best ZoomInfo alternatives that you can consider for your business. All of these are good options, and you can take your pick depending on your business requirements.

Know of any other good ZoomInfo alternatives for contact management and prospecting? Please let us know in the comments below.


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