In today’s world, driven by search engines, valuable content is a powerful tool to grow and support your business. Content writing is about more than just finding the perfect subject. Even if your subject is perfect, it doesn’t always mean that it will go viral or it will help you generate leads.

Content marketers need to check out their content analytics and figure out what works well and what doesn’t.

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According to Econsultancy, 60% of companies change and improve their content marketing strategies based on customer insights. While 55% of them effectively use marketing data to better understand their target audiences.

Without content analytics, you can’t find out what resonates with your customers, scale up the good stuff, and increase your ROI. It’s like you are shooting at a target without a bullseye.

If you create a lot of content, content analytics tools can help you track, measure, and calculate the effectiveness of your published content.

But which content analytics tools are the best?

Content Analytics Tools You Need to Try in 2024

To save you time and effort, we’ve listed 11 of the best content analytics tools for you to choose from. Let’s take a look.

1: SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an all-inclusive cloud-based SEO analysis tool that helps content marketers get detailed insights into their website performance.

With this content analytics software, you can easily get useful information about any web page, including keyword rankings for your content, high-performing keywords for paid ads, top pages in organic search, and content-related issues.

These insights can help you optimize your articles for the search engines.

This content analytics software has a simple, user-friendly interface. And it includes a lot of valuable options from tracking rankings and keyword research to website audits and monitoring backlinks. All available under one roof.

SE Ranking is great for keyword planning and tracking and keeping an eye on your competitors in organic and paid search.

With these content marketing analytics, you can see a keyword’s traffic breakdown by backlinks, organic search, and paid search. One of the best features of this analytics platform is the option to automatically create powerful white-labeled reports and instantly track the progress of all the projects you have.

You can get started with a 14-day free trial to choose the best features for your needs. For full access to this content analytics software, you can register for a paid plan, starting at $39 per month.

se ranking content analytics tools
Image Via SE Ranking

2: Clicky

Clicky is an awesome web analytics tool that helps you track user behavior on a website, and then analyze and react to traffic in real-time.

The tool is very similar to Google Analytics but it is much more user-friendly than Google Analytics and helps users to create more useful customer segmentation. It provides real-time statistics that are key to your project.

One of its best features is the ability to view heatmaps in a real-time mode. This technology will visually show you how visitors engage with your content, how long they stay on a page, where they’re located, what actions they take, etc.

You can build heatmaps not just for a certain number of users, but even for each visitor separately. For example, you can better understand the behavior of those who don’t purchase and figure out when they are abandoning your site

Clicky offers their customers integration with Twitter. So, it makes it easy to keep track of any Twitter activities, including mentions of a website, account, keyword, or even URL.

You can also get access to the unlimited history of tweets, including summary activity reports by user, links, hashtags, and sentiment.

You can use it for free to monitor one website that has around 3,000 daily pageviews. To track multiple websites or a website with more traffic, you need to upgrade your subscription, starting at $9.99 per month.

clicky content analytics tools
Image Via Clicky

3: Mention Holiday Marketing Toolkit

Mention offers a detailed holiday marketing toolkit for any business to improve their social media content, website conversions, and emails.

This guide can help you create holiday marketing campaigns that get real results all year round.

This toolkit includes practical tips and ideas to build a successful social media campaign, a content calendar to remember all the crucial marketing events for 2020, email marketing tactics to boost engagement, and conversion optimization strategies to maximize your holiday sales.

Their marketing toolkit is free to download. Just enter your first and last name, and your email. Check your inbox for the toolkit within a few minutes.

mention holiday marketing toolkit content analytics tools
Image Via

4: Cyfe

Cyfe is a great all-in-one business software solution that gives you the ability to receive all of your data in one place in a clear way.

With just a few clicks, you can get a very detailed dashboard for all pages you manage. One of the best features is its built-in functionality that helps you to create dashboards and widgets for your accounts.

Cyfe is a multi-functional tool that you can use for many goals, including tracking your live video stream views, correlating your social media growth with your content engagement, analyzing your social media activities, and monitoring your website analytics daily.

It’s a great starting point to get a more in-depth analysis and get a bird’s eye view of your analytics.

With its “Mashup” widget, you can compare your website with others to find correlations that will help you respond to the most important content analytics questions. Cyfe lets you easily create dashboard reports in PDFs with whitelabeling per account.

If you want to get unlimited access to Cyfe, you can buy the paid plan starting from $29 per month.

cyfe content analytics tools
Image Via Cyfe

5: Varvy

Varvy is a simple auditing tool that gives you a detailed report regarding content, images, links, website speed, website overview, and much more.

The tool helps you understand everything related to how Google crawls and renders your site pages and how it performs based on Google’s guidelines.

Once you enter the URL, Varvy will show not only the optimization results and errors but also severity levels for SEO issues on your website.

The tool gives explanations about everything you need to know about the given mistake or topic. It shows how correctly your page displays on mobile with a screenshot attached to the report.

You can use Varvy without a fee or even registration. It is a free online product.

varvy content analytics tools
Image Via Varvy

6: Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach is a powerful content optimization tool that helps you get a visual analysis of your content potential to reach and improve communications with your target audience.

The tool lets you analyze your content, score it based on its emotional impact, readability, vocabulary, and find ideal patterns to improve your content over time.

Atomic Reach will also give you detailed statistics about what types of content works best on your website and which content you should improve.

You can also connect your social media accounts and Google Analytics to better understand how visitors are engaging with your content, view the key trends, social media shares, and views.

To view Atomic Reach in action, you can book a free demo. All pricing plans are customized and start from $599 per content type per month.

atomic reach content analytics tools
Image Via Atomic Reach

7: Zembula

Zembula is a brand new, interactive content platform. It helps content marketers create and implement more personalized content across different channels and measure the success of each campaign.

The tool allows you to build interactive content for SMS, email, and social media marketing campaigns.

With Zembula, you can easily build more dynamic engaging emails from abandoned carts to video experiences.

Their analytics dashboard provides you with specific engagement stats and data on your audience with polls. The tool also offers a lot of helpful features, such as a countdown timer, custom elements, and overlay videos.

You can request a demo to see Zembula in action. To find a perfect package for your business, you can contact their sales team for pricing details.

zembula content analytics tools
Image Via Zembula

8: ClickFlow

ClickFlow goes deeper into your website’s content and gives actionable recommendations about the most popular articles with a high impression rate but low CTR.

With this data, you can easily make changes (title tags, meta descriptions, body content, etc.) to your articles and view how those changes affect the results of your articles.

One of the best features is the ability to run an experiment by comparing your optimized web page to the original one. You can better understand the variables that lead to success or failure and get detailed insights that help you with optimization in real-time.

You can get started with a free 21-day trial of this software solution. If you want to get more extended benefits, you can subscribe for $99 per month, billed annually.

clickflow content analytics tools
Image Via Click Flow

9: Kuia

Kuia is a fully-featured content marketing platform that helps marketers create interactive content, generate more qualified leads, and increase revenue.

The tool offers personalized and customizable calculators, quizzes, visualizations, and assessments that help you get useful data about visitors’ interests and knowledge.

Kuia also provides many great features in one place, including brand management, audience targeting, and multi-channel publishing. The tool offers a free trial. You can contact their sales team via their website for pricing information.

kuia content analytics tools
Image Via Kuia

10: Blaze

Blaze is a cloud-based automated content audit tool that helps marketers audit and analyze online content, detect gaps, and improve their content strategies.

The tool builds a single content inventory, including metadata and analytics from other resources, evaluates all of the content on your website, and shows the most important metrics in new ways, such as unique visitors, page views, time on page, etc.

Blaze has a simple, highly-intuitive user interface that lets you see audit fields and your content together in one screen. The tool can easily work with websites that have hundreds or even thousands of pages and show opportunities for growth.

A free 14-day trial subscription is available if you want to try Blaze. After your 14-day trial ends, you can get a paid subscription, starting from $99 per month.

blaze content analytics tools
Image Via Blaze

11: AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse offers an affordable social analytics solution that helps you find the best content, view what target audiences need, and show how engaged your visitors are compared with others in your industry.

The tool allows you to schedule posts, filter and manage comments, keep track of your keywords, and improve your team collaboration and visibility process.

AgoraPulse offers everything you need to keep on top of your social media accounts. It is a real timesaver for content and social media marketers to manage all your social media tasks in one place. Plus, you can use their Chrome plugin to do all of this at once.

You can get a free demo by registering on their website. The paid plans start at €79 (approximately $88) per month for all users.

agorapulse content analytics tools
Image Via Agora Pulse

Wrapping Up

There are other content analytics tools available. But this list includes the best-of-the-best for your analytics, including free and paid plans.

You can easily test out some of them and figure out which one meets your needs best. With the right data in hand, you can strengthen your content marketing campaign and grow a successful business.

Have you ever used any of these content analytics tools? If so, please let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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