Landing pages are the lifeblood of digital marketing campaigns. Action-packed and optimized landing pages can effectively drive conversions. Leadpages is the undisputed market leader in the landing page builder domain.

But now, Leadpages alternatives are grabbing the spotlight due to their compelling features and lower prices for creating landing pages.

For small and mid-sized enterprises, Leadpages alternatives are great value for the money when it comes to building webpages.

Many of these landing page builders have freemium full-featured plans and no-obligation trial periods.

To narrow down your choices for landing page builders, we’ve thoroughly reviewed 11 of the best Leadpages alternatives including their features and pricing plans.

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The 11 Best Leadpages Alternatives for SMBs

Building landing pages manually is time consuming and cumbersome. Most small to medium businesses don’t have the development or design expertise required to create landing pages.

Nor do they have the budget to hire coders and web page designers for creating landing pages.

But don’t worry.

Landing page builders can help you take your SMB to the next level with a great landing page.

However, the market is full of disappointing landing page tools with underwhelming performance or hidden charges. Plus, conflicting reviews on the web can be misleading.

To give you a fair picture, we’ve evaluated 11 Leadpages alternatives. Using these insights, you can select your ideal landing page tool.

Leadpages Alternative #1: Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

Another formidable Leadpages alternative is Brevo. It’s a one-stop destination where you can design, optimize, and publish your landing pages.

If you require an end-to-end conversion solution, you can also bundle email marketing, retargeting, and SMS marketing and messaging with the landing page builder.

Key Features

  • There’s a large collection of pre-built templates for any online marketing branding needs you have.
  • The intuitive interface and editor let you design high-performing landing pages without coding.
  • You can complete your workflows and line up follow-up for email marketing and thank you pages.
  • You can publish pages from within the platform using a URL.


As a full-featured landing page builder, Brevo has surprisingly low prices. Although they have a Free plan, it doesn’t include the landing page builder.

Only the Premium and Enterprise plans have this. You can check their website for a more detailed comparison of their plans for building websites.


Image via Brevo

Leadpages Alternative #2: Hello Bar

The next Leadpages alternative that is making waves is Hello Bar, which can do wonders for your online business.

Need to redirect visitors to your evergreen content? Want to greet your site visitors with personalized hellos? Have the perfect lead magnet?

Use Hello Bar’s pop-up and sticky bars to grab the attention of your visitors and nudge them towards the pages you want.

Flashy colors, striking copy, and impeccable timing make these veritable lead-scoring machines.

Key Features

  • The landing page platform offers a range of pop-ups that you can plug in your web pages to keep visitors engaged in the sales funnel.
  • Their most popular feature, the “Hello Bar,” sits atop browser windows and flashes compelling messages to attract visitors into your sales funnel.
  • You can design enticing exit intents to discourage visitors from leaving your site without converting.
  • Seamless integration with top email marketing platforms like Mailchimp enables omnichannel marketing.
  • An expert team of copywriters who craft CTAs and pop-up copy that stands out on cluttered pages.
  • Tons of customizable design options, each with auto color-detection, designed to grab and keep attention.
  • Robust A/B testing to help you drill down into pop-ups that work best with your offer and audience for your online business.


They have three paid plans – Elite, Premium, and Growth – with prices ranging from $289 to $999 yearly. They also offer a free-forever Starter plan.

All plans, except the Starter plan, offer unlimited pop-ups except the Enterprise plan. High-end plans allow integration with Zapier and email marketing tools.

hello bar

Image via Hello Bar

Leadpages Alternative #3: Unbounce

If you want to build compelling landing pages without hiring developers, Unbounce can help.

When it comes to landing page builders, this platform is a strong competitor of Leadpages because of its affordable prices and unmatched features.

Plus, it’s completely customizable and easy to use. Unbounce is miles ahead of its rivals.

Key Features

  • You can pick from 100+ elegant landing page templates. Unlike the snap-and-grid blocks of Instapages, Unblock templates are fluid.
  • Pixel-perfect precision is easy to achieve with the platform’s drag-and-drop editor.
  • Built-in integration with Zapier and 1000 other CRM and marketing platforms lets you consolidate your leads database.
  • You can enhance your pages with 85,000+ royalty-free HD images from the Unsplash gallery.


Their cheapest plan is the Launch. This allows 500 conversions, 20K visitors, and 1 connected domain.

If you need advanced features like launch scheduling and AMP landing pages, you can buy their high-end plans.

To get a 20% limited-period discount, click here.


Image via Unbounce

Leadpages Alternative #4: Instapage

Instapage is at the top of the stack among Leadpages alternatives that any business owner can benefit from when it comes to marketing campaigns

The landing page builder automates the page-creation process and helps boost the conversion rates of your emails, ads, and online marketing campaigns.

All landing page best practices are built right into the platform.

Key Features

  • The platform lets you create personalized pages and preview or edit them in real time.
  • You get a rich collection of optimized Instablocks for CTA, testimonials, and benefit overviews. Plus, you can save, customize, and reuse your favorite blocks.
  • It has 200+ use-case-specific landing page templates designed to improve conversion.
  • AMP landing pages give your customers a seamless mobile-browsing experience.
  • A/B testing and heatmaps help you deliver the best post-click experience for your customers.


Instapage offers two plans, Business (for $149 yearly) and Enterprise (price available on request).


Image via Instapage

Leadpages Alternative #5: ClickFunnels

The next Leadpages alternative on our list is ClickFunnels.

This sales funnel creator amplifies your lead generation efforts. It helps you create visually- appealing pages designed to convert website visitors into leads and then into customers.

Key Features

  • Its drag-and-drop webpage editor is super-simple to use.
  • You can use its “1 click upsells” feature to build smart shopping carts. This can help boost your ROI.
  • Facebook and email marketing integrations make it a holistic solution for digital marketers and entrepreneurs.
  • Follow-up funnels convert “lost” customers by sending personalized, targeted messages.


Contact their sales team for a demo or quote.


Image via ClickFunnels

Leadpages Alternative #6: OptimizePress

If WordPress is your platform of choice, OptimizePress is your ideal landing page builder.

This Leadpages alternative can be used to build high-performing landing pages and sales funnels. You can multiply your leads, launch your products, or build coming-soon waitlists using this robust software solution.

Key Features

  • You can build high-impact landing pages using its simplistic editor and 100+ conversion-tested templates.
  • You can integrate the platform with most CRMs and email marketing solutions.
  • The Business and Suite plans let you create opt-in pages for online courses and portals.
  • Intelligent sales funnel linking system helps you craft interlinked funnels that convert faster.
  • OptimizeCheckouts plugin integrates your Stripe account for faster payment collection.


They have three pricing plans – Essential, Business, and Suite. With all plans, you can build unlimited pages and track unlimited traffic and leads.


Image via OptimizePress

Leadpages Alternative #7: Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a downloadable WordPress (WP) plugin that works as a landing page builder.

It claims to be the fastest WP page builder in the market. Whether you’re building a homepage or a sales form, Thrive Themes has you covered.

Key Features

  • You can create stunning sales forms with layout templates.
  • There are a variety of optimized templates for landing pages.
  • The Thrive Architect toolbox contains stylized elements like highlight boxes and rich media files.
  • The click-to-edit feature lets you edit page components with a click of a button. This saves time and provides real-time previews.


For small businesses, Thrive Architect is a steal since it’s so affordable.

Its monthly subscription rate starts from $19. The inclusions are plugins, themes, 325 landing page templates, and 25 websites.

thrive themes

Image via Thrive Themes

Leadpages Alternative #8: Landingi

Landingi helps you create lead capture forms with a clean design and tailored copy. This software solution has non-gimmicky features to boost conversion rates.

Through pixel-tracking, Google Analytics, and URL builders, the platform gives you granular control over the sales funnels you build.

Key Features

  • A powerful yet easy-to-use editor to craft landing pages, mobile pages, and sales funnels.
  • 100% customizable 300+ templates, tailored for different industries.
  • 40+ integrations with platforms like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and more.
  • Dynamic content and personalization enable you to target the right people with the right message.
  • A/B tests and single-click duplication help you identify the most impactful design and copy for your landing pages.


They offer different plans for businesses and agencies, all with 14-day free trials, no credit card required.

Standalone businesses can opt for their most popular plan, Automate, for $79 a month, billed annually. Some features it includes are:

  • Unlimited landing pages and conversions
  • Up to 100K unique visitors
  • 20 custom domains

Agencies can opt for the Agency plan, which is worth $149 monthly and offers 10 sub-accounts and 300K visitors.

Image via Landingi

Leadpages Alternative #9: Thrive Leads

The next Leadpages alternative is not just a landing page builder, but also a lead generation plugin. Thrive Leads is commonly used for growth hacking worldwide.

It capitalizes on cutting-edge conversion strategies to grow your contact list and multiply your sales exponentially.

Key Features

  • You can create opt-in forms such as ThriveBox (an attention-grabbing pop-up atop your content) and Inline forms (inserted at the top of posts, using a snippet).
  • The platform offers advanced targeting to help you build hyper-targeted offers for your target customers.
  • A/B testing engine drills down on the best-performing design for your pages.
  • You get actionable metrics to see how your forms and pages are performing.


You can buy one Thrive Leads license for $67 a year. You’ll get a year of support, full-featured solutions, and unlimited updates.

You can also buy their all-in-one membership for $19 a month. It includes all of the Thrive Themes plugins and themes.

thrive leads

Image via Thrive Leads

Leadpages Alternative #10: Lander

Another reputable Leadpages alternative is Lander.

You can use the tool to put together beautiful and action-driven landing pages and marketing funnels, without any IT or coding knowledge.

Auto-fill forms, mobile-friendly pages, deep analytics — Lander is a tool that offers advanced features at basic prices.

Key Features

  • 100+ slick landing page templates.
  • A point-and-click visual editor to put together pro-level landing pages in a jiffy.
  • A/B testing tool that lets you compare three page versions.
  • Facebook tab page builder for creating pages optimized for the platform.
  • Dynamic text replacement technique (DTR) for seamless integration of Google AdWords with PPC landing pages.


Lander offers two plans, Basic and Professional, costing $16 monthly and $83 monthly. The Basic plan allows 5K unique visitors per month, up to 3 custom domains, and limited integrations.

You can try the tool for 14 days, with unlimited access to advanced features, Facebook fan page, and A/B testing.


Image via Lander

Leadpages Alternative #11: Wishpond

The last Leadpages alternative on our list is Wishpond. The intuitive platform builds visually-appealing landing pages that delight customers.

Key Features

  • The tool is compatible with the WordPress plugin and Facebook ads. You can build landing pages from these platforms or your website.
  • There are 100 responsive templates that cover most industries and objectives.
  • The pop-up tool lets you generate opt-in ribbons, slide-ins, and welcome mats.
  • Split A/B testing lets you experiment with different layouts and templates.


You can purchase one of their three plans – Starting Out, Everything You Need, or Rapid Growth. All editions include unlimited landing pages and pop-ups.


Image via Wishpond

Which of these Leadpages Alternatives is Right for Your Business?

That’s our reviews of landing page builders for small businesses including the best Leadpages alternatives.

While we’ve rigorously researched these tools, we recommend using their free trials to see for yourself.

In the end, you know what’s best for you and your business.

Let us know your honest feedback about your experience with these tools by dropping a comment below.

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