Your brand’s image in the minds of your customers is based on the sort of customer service that you provide them.

So what does this mean?

If you’re not able to give them satisfactory service, it can spoil the customer’s experience and harm your brand’s value.

An unsatisfied client may never return to your brand or buy your products again. And that’s why it’s crucial to maintain your customer service standards. This is where online chatbots come in.

As brands strive to improve their customer service, more online chatbots are being integrated into their operations. In fact, it’s predicted that chatbots will handle nearly 25% of all customer service functions by 2020.

The online chatbots market is expected to be worth $1.25 billion by 2025 due to its high growth rate. You too can join this chatbot revolution and change the face of your customer service.

Which Chatbots Are the Most User-Friendly?

Here are some of the top-rated online chatbots that you can use to enhance your customer service.


Disclosure: Please note that a few of the links in this article are actually affiliate links. If you click on them, I will earn a commission, without any extra cost to you. Please know that I have only selected the best online chatbots for you, which I personally tested and highly recommend. For more information, please read my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.


1. Clare.AI

Clare.AI is the go-to chatbot when it comes to online banking services. Through a combination of machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (NLP), it provides customized solutions to your customers.

Clare.AI Online Chatbot

Image via YouTube

It can respond to major customer FAQs, help in arranging appointments, and even conduct internal inquiries for HR and IT.

Customers can control all of their finances through their messaging apps such as Messenger or WhatsApp. It can also come up with a detailed chart that shows how much users have spent and where they’ve spent the money.

And isn’t that what your customers would want?
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2. Dialogflow

Dialogflow is one of the finest examples of the most user-friendly chatbots online.

It uses AI and natural language processing algorithms. It integrates both text and voice AI into popular voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This makes it a favorite among companies that have large customer bases.

Dialogflow Online Chatbot

Image via Google Cloud

What’s more, you ask?

It’s possible to integrate this online chatbot into Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Telegram, and many other messaging apps. The best part about this chatbot is that it evolves continuously so it’s always up-to-date with the latest needs of users.

The only drawback of Dialogflow is that there are certain limitations in place when you try to use it for other languages.

3. Botsify

Botsify is one of the best online chatbots for those who don’t want to do a lot of programming when adding a chatbot.

How can I say that?

It’s got a smooth interface that lets you drag-and-drop customized templates with just a few clicks. That makes it very simple for you to create a chatbot that’s personalized to your requirements.

Botsify Online Chatbots

Image via pickSaaS

This chatbot has a knowledge base against which it compares all of the users’ questions. If it fails to handle a certain request/question, you can teach it so that it can deal with that query in the future.

If at any point in the chat, you feel that the chatbot isn’t performing up to your expectations, you can easily take over the conversation to ensure a smooth customer experience.

Isn’t that a great advantage?

4. ManyChat

If you’re looking for online chatbots that offer a great UI UX design, then ManyChat may be the answer. Its well-designed interface has captivated the attention of many users in the past and continues to do so even today.

The platform is extremely simple to use and requires almost zero coding knowledge. This makes the bot accessible to a wider audience.

ManyChat Online Chatbots

Image via MonetizePros

While this ease-of-use is its major advantage, it’s also its biggest disadvantage.

How’s that?

While you can do loads with this online chatbot, its functionality can’t be explored to the fullest because coding isn’t possible. This makes it inflexible compared to the others.

5. Twyla

Twyla is one of the most unique online chatbots and operates slightly differently than the others. It uses what the company calls a “hybrid brain.”

What does that mean?

Twyla allows you to enjoy all the benefits of scaling up that machine learning offers. At the same time, it also gives you more control through rule-based algorithms.

Twyla Online Chatbots

Image via Twyla

You can easily track the KPIs and measure your ROI through their dashboard.

It’s possible to see how many chats are currently being handled by the chatbot and how many of those are going to human agents. You can also see the number of conversations that are giving satisfactory outcomes too.

6. Conversable

Conversable is one of the most friendly online chatbots and has found takers in Pizza Hut, Marvel, and TGI Fridays.

This multi-channel chatbot delivers both voice and text-based AI experiences on multiple platforms. These include the major social media websites, Amazon Echo, and Google Home. It’s a software-as-a-service (SaaS), and that makes it very easy to handle as well.

Conversable Online Chatbots

Image via TechCrunch

While this chatbot does require some coding expertise, doing it well can unleash the power of this customer service wizard. It’s the one chatbot that can help you improve your user-experience manifold and beat your competition.

However, as it requires some level of coding, it can be difficult for those businesses which want ease-of-use. Nonetheless, such online chatbots show you the future of AI in digital marketing.

7. is one of the best AI chatbots out there.

Why am I saying this?

It can be integrated into Messengers, websites, and even mobile apps. The chatbot can automate nearly 70% of your customer support and can be integrated into your CRM and support tools as well. Online Chatbots

Image via

As it’s AI-powered, it has the capability to learn new conversation skills and can understand more queries through the conversations. It’s also possible to make your conversations more interesting through the use of carousels, cards, and quick replies.

It may soon have support for some of the most famous CRMs such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zendesk.

8. ChatBot

ChatBot claims that you will be able to have your first bot up and running within 10 minutes. It aims to automate up to 80% of your customer care processes, which can improve the customer experience manifold.

There’s more…

ChatBot Chatbot Online

Image via ChatBot

They’ve also partnered with loads of platforms so that you can easily integrate it. Some of the most prominent ones are Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Twitter, Kik, and Slack. It promises to reduce the effort required to do simple tasks such as book hotels or take food orders.

9. Bold360

Bold360 is one of the best online chatbots when it comes to those that are AI-powered. It’s used by some of the most popular brands out there such as IKEA, Thomas Cook, Vodafone, and RBS.

Bold360 Online Chatbot

Image via Bold360

It allows you to engage users across multiple digital channels from anywhere in the world through your mobile.

The AI engine helps you personalize interactions between the chatbot and the customers through data collection and processing.

And the best part?

You don’t need any data scientists to analyze the data collected by the chatbot.

Final Thoughts

Online chatbots are crucial for the growth and success of your business. They can help automate your conversations with consumers and reduce the time taken to solve their issues.

Additionally, they allow your brand to offer 24×7 customer service, which can improve your customer experience. Using AI-powered online chatbots can further help with personalization of conversations. This, in turn, can help boost your customer experience and sales even further.

Ready to get started?

Are there any other online chatbots you think we should add to this list? Let us know in the comments.


Disclosure: Please note that a few of the links in this article are actually affiliate links. If you click on them, I will earn a commission, without any extra cost to you. Please know that I have only selected the best online chatbots for you, which I personally tested and highly recommend. For more information, please read my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

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