With more than 3 billion daily internet users, internet marketing has become a crucial part of every business’ marketing strategy. Shane Barker is your go-to digital marketing consultant, dedicated to help your brand achieve its marketing goals. Be among the 80% of companies who plan to increase their digital marketing budgets this year and talk to a professional digital strategist today.

Digital media

Instead of just relying on advertisements, speak to the billions of internet users out there by optimizing your website. Our digital marketing consultant analyzes your performance data, identifies problem areas, and comes up with an effective online marketing strategy for your brand.

According to Chartbeat, you have less than 15 seconds to get the attention of your average reader. Our digital media consultant will work closely with your team to develop a website that intrigues your audience and improves your conversion rate.


Improve your chances of being discovered with the help of a professional SEO consultant. We specialize in local search engine optimization for a multitude of sectors including ecommerce websites. Our SEO consultant will ensure that your site is properly indexed by major search engines and develop an SEO strategy to improve your ranking.

Our SEO service also involves improving your app store visibility through an effective app store optimization strategy. We enhance your existing ASO plan by analyzing your competitors and identifying keywords that will dramatically improve your app store ranking.

Social media

With the help of our comprehensive and competitive social media services, you can launch a social media campaign that makes a difference. Our dedicated social media consultant will identify your target audience and build brand awareness. We will develop a tailor-made strategy for driving more traffic to your site and improving your community engagement.

Our social media consultant also analyzes your competition so you can identify a unique method of engaging with your audience. We help you build your social media presence so you can gain more visibility and more loyal customers.

Product launch marketing

Got a new product to sell? Our product launch marketing consultant can help you plan and implement an effective strategy to promote your new products. Whether you need influencers to promote the new product or you need to organize an event for the launch, we can assist you. We will help you achieve your product launch goals by working closely with your team and ensuring that your new product gets the right exposure.

Influencer marketing

Our comprehensive digital marketing service also includes influencer marketing with a dedicated team of experts. We help you identify the right influencer for your brand and connect you with them. We will ensure that you can tell your brand story and promote your products through the right influencers.


I have worked with Shane for the last 7 years for which he has exceeded my expectations at every level.

Adrian Ross

Retired NFL Players & Player Development
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