You’re going to launch your first product and you’re almost crippled by the fear of failure. That’s perfectly normal, and you have every reason to be afraid. This doesn’t mean you back out or you let your fear prevent you from preparing a rocking product launch plan.

6 Ways to Rock Your First Product Launch

In this post, I’ll provide you with effective tips to successfully pull off your first product launch. Learn how to overcome your fears, and what it takes to rock your product launch.

1. Invite Influencers to Your Product Launch Event

Influencers have an impact on people’s opinions and purchase decisions. And they can be a highly effective product launch marketing channel.If you’re having an event to promote your product launch, make sure influencers are part of your VIP guest list. In many cases, you won’t have to pay them as you’ll already be providing them with exclusive access to the event. And they can help you promote the launch by showcasing their experiences to their social media followers.

For PAX, inviting influencers to a pre-launch event helped them build hype and promote the launch of their two new products – PAX 3 and PAX ERA. According to a case study conducted by HYPR, the PAX team worked with 18 influencers, who were invited to the pre-launch events in New York and Los Angeles as part of their product launch plan.

The team also provided the influencers with exclusive access to the new products. These influencers then posted photos from the events or photos of themselves using the products without any extra charge.

Influencers activated for the launch included Jacomo Hakim, CEO of BookATailor. Jacomo posted an image of himself with one of the products and talked about how PAX Labs invited him to their event.Jacomo Hakim first product launch

With the help of this campaign, the PAX team was able to reach more than 1.6 million people. And they did so with only 18 influencers. All the influencers who were invited to the event showed up, and each created a post about the event afterward. The content from the campaign received over 20,000 likes, and several hundred comments from the audience.

What worked really well in this product launch plan was that, in addition to inviting the influencers to an exclusive event, the PAX team also provided them with exclusive previews of the newly-launched products. This is another excellent method of promoting your product launch, which you can read more about below.

2. Host a Giveaway Contest

Contests are one of the best ways to build buzz for your product launch because there’s something in it for consumers. To promote your product launch, you could host a contest in which the prize involves brand merchandise, or even the new product itself.

The idea is to ensure that people look forward to the day of your product launch.

You can also collect the email addresses of contestants as part of the entry rules. You can then use those email addresses to begin your email marketing campaign, which is also a crucial part of a product launch plan.

Shortstack conducted a case study in which Tootsie Pops successfully implemented a contest to promote their new flavors. The contest invited entries from fans who were interested in taste testing the brand’s latest creations. They used the contest as a method to not only promote the flavors, but also to collect feedback from actual fans.Tootsie Pops first product launch

Image Source: Shortstack

They invested in a paid promotion for the contest, which helped them increase their reach by 587%. The entry terms included fans having to enter their email addresses.

Within just three days, Tootsie Pops was able to gather 43,292 entries, increasing the number of entries from previous promotions by 702%. The brand then selected several hundred contestants to taste test their four new flavors, and then collected their feedback using the form below.Tootsie Pops survey first product launch

Image Source: Shortstack

What worked perfectly for this product launch promotion was how Tootsie Pops invested in a paid promotion. This helped the brand significantly improve the reach of their posts.

And collecting people’s opinions about the new flavors was also an excellent move instead of blindly launching the flavors. By involving fans in the creation process of their product, they also built more hype for the launch of these new flavors.

In the case of Pamash Designs, the new product was a book containing natural beauty recipes. The blogger promoted this book by writing a blog post showcasing some of the products that readers can make using the book.

The post also included a giveaway campaign, in which her readers had the chance to win some of the products that can be created using the recipes in the book.Pamash Designs first product launch

3. Build Suspense and Hype on Social Media

Social media provides you with a platform to reach out to thousands of people at a time. And it’s the perfect platform for building suspense and hype for your new product launch.

Try providing your social media followers with sneak peek images of the product, and behind-the-scenes images of your team at work, for example. You can even do a countdown through your profile picture, or posts once there’s just a few days left till your product launch date.

AMC uses Facebook to promote their show, The Walking Dead, and to encourage fans to stay tuned. For the return of the second half of Season 7, they posted images of the characters in the show counting down to the date it started airing again. The idea was to remind fans of the return date, and get them hyped up for it.TWD first product launch

Previously, they updated their cover photo with the simple phrase, “Rise Up,” along with pictures of the characters from the show. The cover photo also included the date the show was scheduled to return. These regular updates served as gentle reminders for fans to watch the show once it airs again.TWD rise up first product launch

4. Provide Exclusive Previews to Influencers

As mentioned in the first point, influencers can be one of the best channels for promoting a product launch. In addition to providing them with exclusive access to the launch event, you can have them test the product before anyone can get their hands on it. Provide them with exclusive previews, and access to the product to show them how much you value them.

They can then share their opinions about your product, and review it. The idea is to have them provide social proof. It’s to show potential customers that if experts like the influencers like your product, they should try it out too. If they approve of the product, and write raving reviews about it, there’s a huge chance it’s going to convince their followers to buy the product once it’s released.

Another case study by HYPR showcases how Seventeen was able to use this technique to promote their new clothing line created in conjunction with Kahn Lucas. Seventeen wanted to promote their Edit by Seventeen clothing line to a relevant audience comprised of teenage and young adult females. Since the goal was to maximize returns and minimize spending, they provided a community of influencers with exclusive access to the new line.

Style influencers like Jessi Malay posted photos of themselves wearing various pieces from the collection on social media. Seventeen did not have to spend anything extra in order to get these influencers to promote the collection as part of their product launch plan.Jessi malay first product launch

For this campaign, Seventeen activated 11 influencers, each with a following of between 10,000 and 600,000, and a total Instagram reach of 1.38 million at the time of the campaign. Each of the influencers created social media posts in which they were wearing pieces from the collection.

5. Provide a Pre-Order Option

If you’re an established company, you already have a group of loyal fans who are willing to buy anything you produce. They’ll probably be lining up to get their hands on the new product you’re launching.

To cater to the needs of these customers, you can provide them with an option to pre-order your new product before it even ships. This will also ensure that you make plenty of sales within the first few weeks of your launch.

AMD is making its upcoming Ryzen 7 processor available for pre-order, which they announced during their Tech Day event. According to a report by Hot Hardware, the Ryzen 7 1700x is already on Amazon Best Seller’s list for CPUs. This is proof of how effectively pre-order options can help in marketing your product and ensuring proper sales well ahead of the launch date.AMD first product launch

AMD creating a special event to announce the availability of pre-orders worked well for this campaign. This event attracted hundreds of relevant consumers and journalists to spread the news about it. With so many people already putting in their pre-orders for the processors, AMD had no trouble making actual sales post-launch.

6. Have Influential Experts Review the Product

You’re launching a new product, which you market to your target consumers. But promotional ads can only do so much. How will you convince your target customers that your product can be trusted?

In the eyes of consumers, you may be making bold claims about what your product can do. And they might not want to risk investing in something that they don’t trust yet. But if someone they trust and look up to has tried the product. And found it to be useful. It could go a long way to convince them to buy the product too.

Get influential experts in your niche to review the product, and prove its effectiveness to their audience. Or reach out to review websites and publications and get them to publish a review of your product.

According to a case study conducted by HYPR, LG wanted to promote their new TV. Having an influential expert review their new product worked really well for the brand. They had influential YouTuber, Lewis Hilsenteger, create a video with a review about the product. Lewis runs the Unbox Therapy YouTube channel, which has more than 7 million subscribers.

As part of their product launch plan, LG sent their new TV to Lewis so he could unbox and review it. The YouTuber then created an unboxing video of the TV, in which he took his viewers through the unboxing process. He showcased his authentic experience and first impressions of the TV, while providing a raving review about it. He checked out the various features of the product so his viewers could get a good look at everything it has to offer.Unbox Therapy first product launch

The YouTuber cross-promoted the product on other social media channels such as Facebook. He also shared the review video through Instagram. And invited followers to check out the link in his bio to view it. The goal was to raise awareness about the product. And also invite as many people as possible to view the full review video on YouTube.

The review and unboxing video has generated close to 700,000 views as of today. And with just one influencer, LG was able to reach more than 4 million people across various social media channels. The YouTuber’s promotion efforts resulted in thousands of likes, shares, and comments across all channels.


There are endless possibilities to promote your new product successfully. As you can see from the ideas mentioned here, you can do so without spending too much extra on marketing.

One of the most effective methods of promoting a new product is through influencers. They are considered experts, and have already won the trust of a relevant audience.

You can even combine some of these tips for more effective results. For example, you can have a launch event and invite influencers to attend. During the event, you can provide them with exclusive previews of the product and ask them to review it. Along with the review, have them promote a giveaway campaign in which their followers could win free samples of the product.

Now you have a better idea what you can do to successfully launch your first product. And what to include in your product launch plan. Do you have any questions about the tips mentioned here? Feel free to ask them in the comments below. Or to get in touch with me to better understand product launches.


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