Donating to the Child Abuse Prevention Center

Child Abuse Prevention Center

April 28, 2009

Dear Mr. Barker:

On Behalf of the children and families we serve, thank you for participating in the CW 31 Auction. Your very generous contribution will make a huge impact in our efforts to protect children and build healthy families.
I promise your contribution is making a real difference. It’s helping us protect more than 140,000 children every year, train nearly 9,500 professionals and educate over 78,000 parents – bringing hope and a better future to our new generation.
In a world of worthy causes, none is more important than protecting a child. When you save a child, you save the future. I can’t overstate the importance of your contribution. Without your support, The Center could not continue protecting our most precious resource – our children.

Best Wishes,
Sheila Boxley
President & CEO
The Child Abuse Prevention Center
P.S. I promise your contribution will be invested wisely. 93% of our contributions go directly to programs that prevent abuse and neglect. Only 7% is used for fundraising and administration.

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Donating to EMQ Families First

EMQ Families First


Dear Shane Barker,

Thanks for your generous donation to EMQ FamiliesFirst’s Harvest Festival. The children enjoyed themselves. They had fun playing games at the different booths. The children won tickets and were able to purchase prizes with the tickets that they had won. They dressed up in their costumes and had a wonderful time. And because of your donation, EMQ FamiliesFirst was able to make the Harvest Festival a successful event for our children. We appreciate your donation. Thanks again.

Renee Johnson, M.S.
(Clinician I)

Gifts & Cash Donations to Volunteers of America


January 13th, 2010

Dear Shane,

At Volunteers of America, we believe there is something greater than ourselves, that there is power in the human spirit and that there is dignity and worth in all people. Thank you for supporting this view by participating in our recent Adopt-A-Family project.

Because of the generosity of our community, 98 families and more than 600 individuals had gifts and a traditional holiday dinner this Christmas. Each holiday season, we are overwhelmed with numerous phone calls from individuals offering to volunteer their time, adopt a family or donate items that will help keep homeless men or women and children warm during the winter months. We are blessed to be part of a community that cares so much about those less fortunate.

Each month, we are provide you an opportunity to see first-hand how your support helps those in need at one of the 42 Volunteers of America’s programs. During our one-hour tours, you will view the facility and hear stories of individuals who have found renewed hope through our programs. Please contact us if you are interested in joining us for this special opportunity.
Enclosed you may find a thank you letter from the family/individual(s) you adopted. If the family/individual(s) was willing to share photos, those are also enclosed. Please know that often times the recipients of such wonderful gifts are so overjoyed that all they can say is “thank you”. Sometimes, that says it all.

Kim Castaneda Community Relations Manager
Volunteers of America Greather Sacramento & Northern Nevada, Inc. 1900 Point West Way, Suite 270, Sacramento, CA 95815 Tel: 916-442-3691 Fax: 916-442-1861

90 pounds of food donated to The Sacramento Food Bank

Sacramento Food Bank

February 25, 2010

Dear Shane,

On behalf of Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS), we would like to sincerely thank you for participating in the 16th Annual Holiday Spirit of Giving Food Drive. Your location collected a total of 90 pounds of food, a valued contribution toward the grand total of 187,000 pounds of food collected throughout the drive for local families in need.

SFBFS is a private, non-profit organization that relies on community support in order to sustain our programs. Our Food Assistance program benefits over 18,000 men, women, and children per month; an increase of 35% over the last two years. As an organization, we are thankful for the support of individuals and businesses in our community that continue to make our work possible despite a strained economy.

The annual Holiday Spirit of Giving Food Drive plays a vital role in our ability to provide emergency groceries to families in need during the holiday season and into the new year. Your generous and dedicated efforts are heartfelt by our organization, the people we serve, and our community.

For many companies and organizations, participating in donation drives encourages teamwork, builds employee morale, and helps reinforce the importance of community. We hope this was your experience with the 2009 Holiday Spirit of Giving Food Drive. In appreciation of your hard work, please find enclosed a certificate in recognition of your efforts during this year’s collection.
Please help us continue to improve the drive for next year by returning the enclosed evaluation survey. Your comments are valued and will help us to improve our process for the 2010 Holiday Spirit of Giving Food Drive.

Please join us in congratulating the winners of this year’s drive competition. The list of winners can be found on our new and exciting web site: From everyone at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, we wish you success and happiness in 2010!

Blake Young